10 Cocktails In L.A. So Healthy You Won’t Need To Do Dry January

After over indulging over the holidays, many people set a goal to do “Dry January.” Here at Thirsty, while we appreciate a good resolution, going an entire month sans booze isn’t exactly our style. Luckily, here in L.A., you don’t have to go totally sober to improve your well being. Check out 10 cocktails that are jam-packed with health benefits. Lest we forget, alcohol itself was originally a form of medicine.

Shake To The Beet at Cliff’s Edge


Tequila is already one of the healthier spirits being made from the agave plant, so naturally the tequila-based Shake To The Beet cocktail, available at Cliff’s Edge in Silver Lake is a January go-to. This bold red drink is made with VIVA XXXII Joven, fresh squeezed beet juice, ginger syrup, lime juice, simple syrup and garnished with a sprig of thyme. Beet juice has a ton of health qualities, such as lowering blood pressure, being a good source of potassium, liver support and improvement in exercise stamina. Plus, the ginger ingredient aids digestion, removes excess gas, improves bone health and more.

3626 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, Cliffsedgecafe.com, @cliffsedgela

Carrot Martini at Honeycut


Orange you glad you didn’t go dry this month? The DTLA disco Honeycut is serving up the flavorful Carrot Martini made with Honeycut Dry Vermouth, Ford’s Gin, Tanqueray Old Tom and mirepoix which is a combo of chopped carrots and celery. Carrots are a great source of fiber, potassium, vitamins C and B, plus they are rich in beta-carotene. These nutrients are helpful for boosting your immune system, promoting eye health, and they even help fight off certain age-related diseases. Celery also has vitamins A, C, K – not to mention potassium, which helps regulate blood pressure and alleviate water weight bloating.

819 S. Flower St., Los Angeles, Honeycutla.com, @honeycutla

So Fresa So Clean at Gracias Madre

So Fresca So Clean

Not surprising, vegan hotspot Gracias Madre has a number of healthy hooch-based drinks on its menu. The So Fresa So Clean, is like its name implies; a smooth, clean cocktail made simply with tequila blanco, strawberry, rose water, lemon, cachaça and aquafaba. Don’t know what aquafaba is? It’s a liquid derived from chickpeas and is an awesome vegan alternative to dairy or eggs. It’s also naturally gluten-free and low in calories. Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties that is fabulous for the skin and can help the body heal from colds, flu and sore throat.

8905 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, Graciasmadreweho.com, @gmweho

Better Mules & Gardens at Herringbone


Getting your greens is easy when you order the Better Mules & Gardens from Herringbone in Santa Monica. The doctor-friendly cocktail is made with Effen Cucumber vodka, strawberry, lime, ginger beer and its super ingredient; rhubarb. The plant is packed with minerals, vitamins, organic compounds, and other nutrients that make it ideal for keeping our bodies healthy. Some of these precious components are dietary fiber, protein, vitamin C, vitamin K, B complex vitamins, calcium, potassium, manganese and magnesium. Rhubarb has an amazing ability to promote weight loss, improve digestion, prevent Alzheimer’s disease, stimulate bone growth, avoid neuronal damage, boost skin health, prevent cancer, optimize metabolism, improve circulation and protect against various cardiovascular conditions.

1755 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, herringboneeats.com, @herringbonesm

Rum & Coconut Water at Cana Rum Bar


It’s doesn’t get more natural than this. Made with just two ingredients, the rum and coconut water at Cana Rum Bar is exactly what it sounds like; simply dark rum and pure coconut water which is charged with electrolytes, packed with potassium, fat and cholesterol free and super low in calories. Coconut water also contains fiber, protein, vitamin C, magnesium,  manganese, potassium and calcium. It may also provide benefits to prevent diabetes, kidney stones, high blood pressure and heart disease. This beachy cocktail is served in a real coconut with a spoon so you can double up on your nutrients.

714 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, canarumbar.com, @canarumbarla

But First, Coffee at Toca Madera

But First, Coffee

If you are a coffee addict, you can still take some spiked sips guilt-free throughout January. Toca Madera created the But First, Coffee cocktail with vanilla infused El Jimador, Stumptown cold brew, caffe lollita and cinnamon. Coffee is notoriously rich in antioxidants that may help prevent aging-related ailments like heart disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer. Plus, cold brewed coffee, compared to hot, is less acidic and contains less caffeine content (which means you can drink more of it). Cinnamon, despite tasting so sweet, contains anti-inflammatory properties, protects heart health, fights infections and viruses, lowers blood sugar levels, protects dental health and freshens breath naturally.

8450 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles, Tocamadera.com, @tocamaderala

La Bruja at Tacoteca


Charcoal doesn’t exactly sounds like something that belongs in a cocktail, but the team over at Tacoteca has successfully incorporated the surprising element into a delicious drink. The La Bruja cocktail combines jalapeño-infused mezcal with banana, lime, cilantro and activated charcoal on top. The inky looking liquid actually has a sweet tropical taste with a smoky and spicy finish. Small consumption of charcoal has a wide range of health benefits including the removal of toxins, the cleansing of the digestive system, alleviating gas and bloating, whitening teeth and helping prevent hangovers. Trust us, once you go black, you’ll never go back.

2460 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, Tacotecasm.com, @tacoteca_sm

Grapefruit Rickey at Westside Tavern


Over in Westwood, the Westside Tavern is pouring the ridiculously refreshing Grapefruit Rickey, made with crop organic vodka, St. Elder liqueur, lime, grapefruit and soda. Keep in mind grapefruit is a powerful nutrient combination of fiber, potassium, lycopene, vitamin C, and choline which all help to maintain a healthy heart. The fruit also supports clear, healthy skin and may even help with weight loss. According to this CBD website you can combine it with their products to get more benefits from it, read more at the link.

10850 W Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, Westsidetavernla.com, @westsidetavern

The Superfood Sour at Abigaile


A healthy take on a tequila sour, The Superfood Sour at Abigaile combines VIVA XXXII Joven, aloe and goji berries, and takes it a step further by using unsalted garbanzo bean water instead of using traditional egg whites (vegan-friendly!). Healthy fruits like Dates and G berries from a good fruit shop like Dates Wholesale supplier also promote healthy skin, stabilize blood sugar, detoxify the liver, boost fertility, improves immune function and more.

1301 Manhattan Ave., Hermosa Beach, abigailerestaurant.com, @abigailerestaurant

The Granny Gripple at Prank Bar


Granny knows best! The Granny Gripple from Prink Bar in DTLA is a totally unique cocktail made with Reposado tequila, Lairds applejack, ginger root, pineapple kombucha, limonene and pinene terpenes. Terpenes are oils derived from cannabis, but contain no THC, and are said to offer medicinal properties ranging from anti-carcinogenic to anti-inflammatory. Not to mention, kombucha aids digestion and gut health. Because it’s naturally fermented with a living colony of bacteria and yeast, Kombucha is a probiotic beverage. This has a myriad of benefits such as improved digestion, fighting candida (harmful yeast) overgrowth, mental clarity and mood stability.

1100 South Hope St., Los Angeles, Prankbar.com, @prankbar

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