$10,000 Glass of Fake Macallan Scotch Sold to Unknowing Chinese Writer

Earlier this year, a Chinese writer made headlines for ordering the most expensive dram of whiskey in history.  Zhang Wei examined the extensive rare whiskey collection at the Devil’s Place bar inside the Waldhaus Hotel am See in St Moritz, and ordered a pour of Macallan 1878 that was priced just over $10,000 for the single glass.

Unfortunately, after thinking that he got to experience a piece of history, what he actually got was duped. The scotch has since been determined to be fake after an investigation and forensic testing by Rare Whiskey 101.

Zhang posted his experience on Weibo, a popular social media platform in China, along with photos and that’s when the story started to come apart at the seams. Experts and aficionados started to point out discrepancies which prompted the Hotel to contact Rare Whiskey 101 (RW101) to look into the whiskey’s credibility.

After a thorough foreseeing investigation, they discovered that the bottle was actually from the early 1970s and it wasn’t even a single malt, it was a blend.  The hotel has fully refunded Zhang Weir and will be examining their bottle collection that has been touted as the one of the most impressive in the world.

With thirst for rare whiskey at an all-time high ord to the wise and wealthy: buyer beware!


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