19 Spooktacular Cocktails to Drink This Halloween in NYC

Let’s face it – we all know that Halloween is just an excuse to put on a costume, go out with friends on a school night and drink. And bars and restaurants all across NYC have created special concoctions just for the occasion.

Drink these cocktails this Halloween

To help you get into the Halloween “spirit,” we have rounded up 19 of our favorite spooktacular boozy Halloween cocktails to sip to check out.

Vampire’s Kiss at Bagatelle

Vampire's Kiss at Bagatelle

Made with a bewitching blend of Tanteo chocolate tequila, ginger syrup, lemon juice and a red wine float, the Vampire’s Kiss by mixologist Michele Papa at Meatpacking club-steraunt Bagatelle will have you dancing all night long.

1 Little West 12th St., 212-488-2110, www.bagatellenyc.com

The Devils’ Pear at Taproom 307

Devil's Pear at Taproom 307

Check out the Devil’s Pear at Taproom 307 for a divine mix of muddled roasted pear, Bulleit bourbon, lime juice, Elderflower liqueur and cloves, topped with McKenzie cider and garnished with a sprig of rosemary.

307 3rd Avenue, 212-725-4766, www.taproom307.com

I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost Pepper at Park Avenue Autumn

I Ain't Afraid of No Ghostkiller

The I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost Pepper – concocted by mixologist Bryan Schneider at Park Avenue Autumn – will leave you hot, hot, hot thanks to the ghost pepper (one of the world’s hottest peppers, with a Scoville rating of more than a million) tequila mixed with Créme de Cacao, cinnamon and fresh grapefruit. 

360 Park Ave S., 212-951-7111, www.parkavenyc.com 

Thunderhead at Analogue

Thunderhead at Analogue

Feel the stormy vibe with the Thunderhead cocktail at West Village cocktail den Analogue, a spooky, gray-hued drink made with Atlantico rum, Botanist gin, Créme de Violette and Cynar 70 proof, along with raw ginger and candied ginger.

19 W. 8th St., 212-432-0200, www.analoguenyc.com

Wicked Black Forest Punch at Bounce Sporting Club

Wicked Black Punch at Bounce Sporting Club

The Wicked Black Forest Punch will get your into the Halloween “spirit” with a blend of Jägermeister, Kirshwasser, Velvet falernum, Hibiscus tea syrup agave syrup, fresh lemon, pineapple and oranges juices and Angostura bitters, topped with ginger beer and served over crushed ice in a tiki mug with a hibiscus flower garnish.

55 W. 21st St., 212-675-8007, www.bounceny.com

Cachaça Zombie at Mother of Pearl

Cachaca Zombie at Mother of Pearl

Mixologist Jane Danger takes two kinds of cachaça – Novo Fogo Chameleon and Tanager cachacas – and blends them with Gifford Triple Sec, lime juice, orange juice, passionfruit syrup, Scrappy’s Aromatic bitter and absinthe (whee!) to create the Cachaça Zombie, served over crushed ice in a tiki mug.

95 Avenue A, 212-614-6818, www.motherofpearlnyc.com

Poblano Ghostkiller at 1905 Lounge

Poblano Ghostkiller at 1905 Lounge

Mix master Gil Bouhana is serving up the seriously delicious Poblano Ghostkiller at 1905 Lounge, on the ground floor of the newly opened HGU Hotel, made with VIVA XXXII Reposed, coconut cream, Ancho Reyes chile, orange juice and lime juice, with an Ancho chile garnish.

34 E. 32nd St., 212-779-3432, www.hgunyc.com

Grasshopper at Harding’s

Grasshopper at Hardings Halloween Cocktails

Harding’s Beverage Director Derrick Turner takes the classic Grasshopper cocktail and ups the ante, blending Créme de Menthe, Créme de Cacao, rum and orange bitters and serving it up with a garnish of shaved chocolate and grasshoppers. Yes, actual grasshoppers.
32 E. 21st St., 212-600-2105, www.hardingsnyc.com

Smokey Jalapenõ Margarita at The Black Ant

Smokey Jalapeno Margarita at The Black Ant

Don’t get too creeped out by the Black Ant salted rim on this margarita made with Tradicional silver infused tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, orange juice and agave – it only looks like tiny ants crawling on your glass, but it’s really just spooky salt. 60 Second Ave., 212-598-0300, www.theblackantnyc.com 

El Infierno at Casa Neta

El Infierno Casa Neta Halloween Cocktails

Looking for a shareable Halloween treat? Check out the El Infierno at Casa Neta, made with Del Amigo mezcal, Plantation pineapple rum, passionfruit syrup, fresh lime juice, agave syrup, Falernum, housemade grenadine and Vieux Pontarlier absinthe, large enough for two to three people (or one very thirsty person).

40 E. 20th St., 212-529-7870, www.casanetanyc.com

Smoking Negroni Carbonato at Wallflower

Smoking Negroni Carbonato at Wallflower

Want some special effects with your cocktail? Check out Wallflower’s Xavier Herit special Halloween tipple, a mix of Campari, Byrrh, Cynar, Verjus, lemon sorbet, Cava, Perrier, orange bitters and an orange peel, served in a copper raki glass cooler with dry ice to create the smokey ambiance.

235 W. 12th St., 646-682-9842, www.wallflowernyc.com

Jungle Love Cocktail at The Eddy

Jungle Love at The Eddy

Considering we are all about mezcal, the Jungle Love Cocktail – which blends the featured spirit with Dopo teatro vermouth amaro, Sfumato rabarbaro rhubarb liqueur, lemon and black pepper tincture, served on the rocks with a half flying termites rim (yes, really) – from mixologist Luis Hernandez makes our list of Halloween cocktails not to miss.

342 E. 6th St., 646-895-9884, www.theeddynyc.com

Revived Corpse at Oleanders

Revived Corpse at Oleanders

A riff on the classic Corpse Reviver No. 2 – originally used as a hangover cure in the 1930s – this cocktail mixes Gin Lane 1751 Victoria Pink, Aperol, Solerno Blood Orange, lemon and oil from lemon rind, shaken over ice and served up in a coupe glass.

160 N. 12th St., Williamsburg, 718-218-7500, www.mccarrenhotel.com

Rising of the Dead at Rosa Mexicano

Rising of the Dead at Rosa Mexicano

Rosa Mexicano’s Beverage Director – and certified mezcalier – Courtenay Greenleaf takes the traditional margarita up a notch with the Rising of the Dead cocktail, a spicy margarita with pineapple and basil, garnished with two red chiles de arbol standing upright to resemble someone rising from the grave. Creepy, yes. Delicious, also yes.

Multiple locations, www.rosamexicano.com

Otto’s 1923 from The Living Room at Park Hyatt New York

Butterfinger at Park Hyatt

This cocktail from The Living Room lounge is basically a Butterfingers in a glass. The name is an homage to the most-loved candy’s origins – it was created in 1923 in Chicago by Otto Schnering – and the drink blends Johnnie Walker Black with Kahlua, a touch of Cynar and a spoonful of peanut butter, served on the rocks with a Butterfinger garnish.

153 W. 57th St., 646-774-1234, www.newyork.park.hyatt.com/en/hotel/dining/the-living-room.html

Fade to Black at David Burke Kitchen

Fade to Black at David Burke Kitchen

It’s all about the Halloween vibes with this spooky cocktail, created by Martin McLoughlin, with STARR Black rum (made by dissolving a tablespoon of raw activated charcoal powder in a bottle of STARR Ultra Superior Light rum), ginger syrup, chartreuse, fresh lemon and lime juices, garnished with a sprig of rosemary.

23 Grand St., 212-201-9119, www.davidburkekitchen.com

Perla Negra at Slowly Shirley 

Perla Negra at Slowly Shirley

This cocktail is served in a skull shaped bowl with a votive candle centerpiece, making it just as Halloween-y as can be. Created by Jim Kearns, this cocktail blends blend of Santa Teresa 1796, activated charcoal, kalamansi, orange juice, honey, ginger and arrack, topped with Sorrel and garnished with orchids and is a must try.

121 West 10th Street, 212-243-2827, www.slowlyshirley.com

Los Muertos at Belle Reve

Los Muertos at Belle Reve Halloween Cocktails

The Los Muertos at Belle Reve is a true Halloween treat, with Santeria Reposado, Americano Amaro, Cocchi Rosato and Bittermens Xocolatl mole bitters, served up in a glass half-rimmed with cayenne and paprika salt.

305 Church Street, 212-680-0101, www.bellerevenyc.com

Grapefruit at ROKC

ROKC’s Beverage Director and owner Shigefumi Kabashima is an Angel’s Share alum, and his flair for cocktails show with this holiday cocktail. Simply made with mezcal, grapefruit, lime and Palosanto wood (an aromatic incense used for energy cleansing and purifying), it’s all about the impressive presentation.

3452 Broadway

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