3 Essential Cocktails for Creating a Classic Casino Vibe at Home

Heading to a casino is always a great night out. Playing your favorite classic slots is divine! You chill all night playing all night long and winning huge amount of money! The establishments have been synonymous with glamour for decades and they undoubtedly still carry a strong touch of sophistication to this day. Put simply, think casinos and you think the rich and famous, Las Vegas and even more far-flung luxury destinations from Macau to Monaco.

But while playing casino games might be most commonly associated with a big night out in a bright-light city somewhere across the globe, could the theme also be the perfect option for a great night in? Bringing casino gaming home.

A casino-themed night at home can come in many forms these days. While for many people it might involve inviting friends around for some cards, investing in a set of chips or even going the whole hog and splashing out on a roulette wheel, technological developments have changed all of that.

The emergence of online games has transformed everything, as they mean people can now enjoy all of the card classics and traditions associated with casinos in their own home. It is not just a case of playing games based around computer graphics either, as sites like Betway Live Casino offer people the chance to experience action hosted by a live dealer via a video link. Not only that, but such services tend to offer multi-camera technology which means you stay close to the action and can interact with dealers just like you would at a table in a land-based casino.

But, while such services mean it is very easy now to replicate your favorite casino games at home, what finishing touches are absolutely vital if you want to bring a final flourish to your big night in? Well, the right drinks are absolutely key and while James Bond’s famous tastes may have ensured that the vodka martini is always on the menu, we have come up with three other suggestions which are sure to get the atmosphere just right.

If you’re looking to bring a bit of casino glamour to your home, it seems perfectly sensible to us that you should start with the cocktail of the same name. The drink was immortalized in the Savoy Cocktail Book compiled by Harry Craddock in the 1930s, a publication which is regarded as one of the most vital volumes in the history of mixology. The Casino itself is commonly created with gin, maraschino liqueur, orange bitters and lemon juice.

Old Fashioned

We are big fans of an Old Fashioned on this website and we have written at length before about some of our favorites. In recent years this classic cocktail has, of course, become synonymous with Jon Hamm’s masterful turn as Don Draper in the brilliant Mad Men, but you’ll be pleased to hear the drink is not quite as complex as that enigmatic character. A common recipe involves a combination of bourbon, bitters and a sugar cube.


It is a cocktail classic which was – allegedly – originally invented at Hussong’s Cantina in Mexico in October 1941 and has gone on to become a global staple. Margaritas can come in many shapes and sizes these days but one thing you are always guaranteed is a refreshing drink. The standard version of the cocktail tends to be served in the glass of the same name and features tequila, lime juice and orange liqueur, as well as a touch of salt along the rim.

Enjoy the perfect night in

Going out for a night at a casino may be good fun, but it is also a great theme to consider when you’re partying at home too. Casino games are so readily available these days that it is easy to bring the action into your property, while we think the drinks ideas above could be a simple way to add the perfect finishing touches to your evening.

Of course, if you’re keen on considering further ideas for your casino night at home, why not check out the rest of our recipes for some more advice and much-needed inspiration. But above all, have fun!

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