3 of the Most Unique Cocktail Bars in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has one of the world’s most thrilling nightlife scenes. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority pointed out in a 2018 report that 52% of visitors had gone to a hotel bar or lounge during their stay. The good news for anyone looking for refreshing and intriguing drinks is that there are plenty of unique, welcoming cocktail bars in this vibrant city where you can male strip shows and topless waiters for hire. The following are a few of the most eye-catching of them.

Mama Rabbit Mezcal and Tequila Bar

Mexican-American owner Bricia Lopez is best known for the Guelaguetza restaurant in Los Angeles that opened in 1994, and for her Super Mamás podcast. She has also credited with helping to make mezcal, the 10,000-year-old national drink of Mexico that is made from the agave plant, more popular in US. Consumption of this drink in America rose by over 32% in 2018. Mama Rabbit is said to have the biggest collection of agave drinks in the country, with more than 500 different labels present. The name comes from Mayahuel, who is the goddess of both fertility and agave in Mexican culture. Her legend tells us that she fed 400 rabbits with agave.

Roving margarita carts make it easy to grab this classic tequila cocktail at any time, while they have a large range of signature cocktails to choose from. The bar is 4,400 square feet in size, and has a double-sided bar. On the way, visitors can enjoy the artwork by renowned Spanish street artist Okuda.

The Chandelier

One of the stand-out features of the Las Vegas bar is that it contains three different experiences on its varying levels, woven together by the theme of the giant chandelier that cascades down them. The Chandelier is classed as being an art exhibit, a playground, and a place to sample cocktails, all rolled into one. Their website lists their signature drinks as being Whiskey Business, Finishing School, and We’re All Mad Here. The first of these drinks combines bourbon with the Italian bitter herbs Amaro Meletti drink, and an “Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll” syrup. The tingly We’re All Mad Here is a highly popular gin-based treat that you can enjoy even when it isn’t World Gin Day. Any one of these drinks makes for a pleasant accompaniment to the range of casino table games available, with roulette being one of the most popular offerings. The Chandelier has both standard and single-zero roulette, known more commonly as American and European roulette respectively.

The right choice of clothing is important in The Chandelier. While there is no strict dress code in place, many male and female clients dress up in their finest, most elegant outfits for a few cocktails here. This is especially true in the evenings, while during the day you will see more casually dressed people. Either way, wearing luxury brands like Hugo Boss, Gucci, and Prada will help you to feel right at home at any time.

Bar Prohibition

This is a spot for trying Prohibition-era cocktails with a 1920s feel. It was given this name in 2013, to mark 80 years since the end of Prohibition, having had several names in its long and fascinating history before then. The bar was opened in 1906, so it operated through the speakeasy era.

Frank Sinatra was once a regular in here, and there is a cocktail on offer that was his favorite back in those days when he changed the way that the world viewed Las Vegas. It is called the Golden Gate, and mixes a couple of shots of Jack Daniels together with some bottled water and ice cubes.

All of their cocktails are served in coffee mugs. While go-go dancers and machine guns on the wall add to the atmosphere. Other cocktails on their menu include the Lady Luck, with peach schnapps, pineapple juice, and blood orange among its ingredients. The Rat Pack Manhattan includes bourbon and Grand Marnier.

There you have it – a couple of our top picks for the most unique cocktail bars Vegas has to offer!

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