5 Delicious Drinks to Enjoy While Playing Casino

Having a drink while playing different Online Casino Malaysia games can be a unique experience, and if you choose the right drink, it can make your whole night magical. However, your intention at the casino should choose whether you imbibe in a drink or not. If you are at the casino to have fun, and you do not care much about the money that you spend, then go for indulging in a drink or two. Here are five delicious drinks to enjoy while playing casino.

However, if you want to play a mentally-stimulating game such as blackjack, and you fancy going home with all your cash or even multiplying it, then perhaps you should stay away from the booze.

If you are strictly at the casino to have fun, perhaps for a bachelor/ bachelorette party, then you can of course have alcohol, however, drinking at a casino, especially hard liquor can lead to foolish decisions, and at a casino that can lead to a fun experience becoming a reckless evening. Water, tea and coffee are all available at most casinos free of charge, so these are always good ideas. Have you heard about incorporating virtual reality in bachelor parties? It’s one of Toronto’s best bachelor party ideas!

However, if you want to drink, stay away from hard liquors. This is why we have a list of the top 5 delicious drinks for you to enjoy while you are playing casino games. You can make these at home to drink when playing play666. These are the ultimate favorites for most.

The most popular casino drinks, below.

Whiskey on the Rocks

This has got to be the most common drink for casinos. It can also occasionally be found as one of the free drinks at a casino if you are lucky. ‘On the rocks’ means served with ice, while some day this waters it down others say it makes it even better, it depends on your personal tastes though. It is, regardless, one of the most popular drinks at casinos, and if you take a trip down to Las Vegas you will see it on countless tables. It is highly favored around the world and it is perfect for those who play at home in online betting websites like


The screwdriver is a very common cocktail for casual gambling at sites like https://freepokies.org. It’s made up from vodka and orange juice, so you can just imagine how it looks, and how delicious it tastes. This is obviously one of the more common reasons for its popularity. Every casino will serve up plenty of screwdrivers, and for good reason.

The curious name of this drink came from soldiers who served in the Gulf’s Bay. They wanted to make orange juice better, so they added vodka, however, they lacked anything to stir it, so… they used a screwdriver.

Gin and Tonic

Who doesn’t love a G&T? This is a popular drink, period, but it is still a very common casino drink. It literally uses a 1:1 of gin and tonic water, add some cucumber or mint. Or you can also try different variations, with flavored gins now, pink gin, lemon drizzle, blood orange, rhubarb, and more! If you are at a casino, see what flavors they have, if you are online gambling at home, pick your favorite!

This is a popular drink in casinos in the USA and the UK, both. It looks amazing too, which is probably part of its popularity.


This list wouldn’t be complete without a Martini, thanks to Bond, James Bond. It is so common in casinos these days. It does look plain in comparison to other casino drinks, made from gin and vermouth, making it simple. However, the glass and the history make it a one-of-a-kind beverage. It often sits on the poker tables more than any other casino beverage. Not only will you get a good commission when you play bazaar, but also you will get a lot of entertainment.

Rum and Coke

Otherwise known as Cuba Libre, this drink is simple, delicious, and very popular in and out of casinos. It is one of the best mixed drinks in Vegas that will often be present on many tables. It is a great drink that is often made even more appealing with the addition of lime.

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