Drunken Desserts: 5 Spiked Treats to Try in NYC

Nothing goes together quite like a summer day, well-made desert, and drink to finish the picture. While we often think of desert and drinks separately, the innovators among us have found ways to satisfy both your sweet tooth and your thirst. If you’d like to switch up your normal drink routine and try some of the more creative ways to get a buzz in NYC, you’ll have to try these 5 spiked treats.

Cupcakes at Prohibition Bakery


While it may not have a location any longer, you can still order Prohibition Bakery’s alcoholic cupcakes right to your door. The alcohol is added to the cupcake post-bake so the treats still retain the liquor and spirits. How many do you need to eat to get drunk? Well, that’s a loaded question but all cupcakes have a 5% or lower alcohol content and you can order packs of 24.

www.prohibitionbakery.com; 646-370-6448; @prohibitionbakery

Cones at Branch Ofc


Located in the heart of Brooklyn, Branch Ofc has a terrific summer treat in the form of their $7 Sloe-Cones. The cozy outdoor space is perfect for some sun and vodka infused frozen cones. If you stay till night, Branch Ofc runs Monday night movies throughout the summer.

225 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn, NY; @branchofc

Ice Cream at Tipsy Scoop


Ice Cream and alcohol makes for a dream combo in the hot, humid NYC summer. Tipsy Scoop is the real deal in that regard offering spiked ice cream and a seasonal “frose”. These liquor-infused frozen treats come in combos like Maple Bourbon Bacon and Cake Batter Vodka Martini.

217 East 26th Street, 917-388-2862; www.tipsyscoop.com;@tipsyscoop

Ice Pops at Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar


This rooftop bar has some terrific views and some creative cocktails to enhance them. The summer favorite Prosecco and Ice Pop Cocktail is one of several innovative cocktails offered throughout the summer on the roof of the Conrad New York. The aptly named rooftop offers a variety of combos of prosecco/rosecco bases to match with flavored ice pops to take the edge off the heat.

Conrad New York, 102 North End Avenue (rooftop); 

Candy at Sugar Factory


The Sugar Factory can comfortably reach the level of “over the top” in many people’s eyes with neon colored foods and drinks sure to satisfy any sugar craving no matter how intense. The Instagram famous locations have attracted their fair share of celebrities, but anybody with a sweet tooth will enjoy shopping through their dozens of desserts, drinks, and snacks. While getting a full meal and dessert is doable at either of their NYC locations in Meatpacking or Upper West Side, it’s their candy-filled goblet cocktails that steal the show.

835 Washington Street, New York, NY. 10014. 212-414-8700. @thesugarfactory

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