The Top Bartending Schools in the US

Bartending is a common part-time gig for college students looking to make a few extra bucks on the side and gain working experience. You can hire a cheap essay writer from to handle your assignments as you bartend or enroll in a top bartending school and build a full-time career.

A couple of schools have the pedigree and activities that let students gain experience in bartending. Like any of those on this list, the right bartending school will set you up for lucrative bartending jobs that pay thousands of dollars in salaries.

Physical Schools

The European Bartending School

If you are looking for a school with locations worldwide, the European Bartending School is a clear choice. It is the most prominent bartending school with over 1000 courses and state-of-the-art amenities for students. It’s no wonder top liquor brands endorse EBS, and its certification is relevant everywhere.

EBS’s 25 schools graduate 7000 students annually, and it has an online academy. You will study for a month with expeditions at iconic locations like the Glenfiddich distillery. The school also has specialized programs like mixology and working flair courses. But if you prefer to be a barista, you can enroll in the week-long coffee courses.

Elite Bartending School and Event Staffing

Established in 2007, Elite Bartending School is one of the top bartending schools in Florida. This school located in Fort Lauderdale provides aspiring bartenders with a conducive environment for learning bartending, customer service, and mixology. The classes focus on making students employable bartenders with the opportunity to practice after learning.

You will enjoy convenient classes in Capones Nightclub, an iconic bar in Fort Lauderdale. There are also workshops for corporate events that teach bartending from the basics to flair techniques. And if you are interested in learning cocktail preparation as a stewardess, the school holds training every year.

Ace Bartending School

Few places pay bartenders as highly as Las Vegas, so it’s understandable if you dream of starting your bartending career there. If that is the case, you can benefit from learning from experts in Las Vegas like Ace Bartending Academy. And expect to finish your courses in just two weeks, meaning you can enroll during long vacations and not disrupt your other activities.

Ace Bartending School has classes during the day and night, and you can attend on the weekdays. These classes are hands-on, and students learn mixology skills in a real bar, where they observe real customers and know what to expect in real-world scenarios.

And you know the best part? The school includes a program for job placement, with recruiters scouting for students. So, if you want to know the rudiments of mixing and serving over 200 drinks, proper glassware, and garnish cutting, Ace Bartending School is one of your best options.

Online Schools


You will benefit from BarSmarts online bartender education program because of its dedication to teaching the basics of bartending. Expect to learn how to mix drinks properly and the rudiments of bartender service from your home. And you will get a widely accepted certification when you complete your courses.

If you need a breakdown of what you would be learning, there are two preparatory courses — Spirits and Wine Knowledge for Beginners and Comprehensive Bartenders Spirits Training. The former teaches good bartending service, basic production techniques, and a preface to spirits and liquors. The latter addresses advanced production, extensive cocktail collections, wine tasting, etc.

A Bar Above’s Mixology Certification Program

This online school is the next logical step after the BarSmarts course in many ways. It teaches you advanced drink-mixing and cocktail-making techniques to set you apart from amateur bartenders. At the end of the classes, you will learn to design drinks for events, competitions, and companies, increasing your earning potential in the industry.

The founder, Chris Tunstall, constantly tries new combinations to create unique drinks. And the program consists of HD videos, tests, and the freedom to check back and learn more ideas even after completing the course. Also, there are cheat sheets for remembering what you learned in the class and an active community to help you whenever you face challenges in your bartending career.


The schools recommended above are the best in the bartending business. If you are looking to enter the field or advance your bartending career, you should consider enrolling in any of them.

Whether you choose a physical bartending school or an online one will depend on your convenience. But rest assured of top-quality bartending lessons, modern etiquette, certifications, and opportunities to land a lucrative bartending job after graduation.

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