Beam Suntory Invites You to Reclaim Your Happiest Hour with the 6ourbon 7ime™ Bartender Playlist Series

As our entire industry and beyond are very much still feeling the effects of the ongoing pandemic and crisis, many of us have found ourselves working remotely from home. With lines between work and home life completely blurred, most people are finding they work an average of 35% more from the new normal of home even without commute time. So our friends at Beam Suntory are inviting us to reclaim our restorative 6ourbon 7ime.

Reconnecting with our leisure time can be best enjoyed with a pour of our favorite bourbon and vibing with a great music playlist. Sound good to you? Great, because you are cordially invited to join in with us and some of our industry’s favorite bartenders.

Bartender Playlists (@bartenderplaylists) are officially launching on February 8th with a series of sixteen amazing bartenders creating hour-long, curated playlists on Spotify. After all, bartenders are not only trained in the art of drink, they are also experts in setting the mood with music.

Kicking off the series will be award-winning bartender, bar owner, and podcast host, Erick Castro. Other bartender playlists will be curated by some of the best of the best including Josh Davis (Chicago), Keyatta Mincey Parker (Atlanta), Chelsea Gregoire (Baltimore),  and Christine Kim (DC). Not only does the 6ourbon 7ime Bartender Playlists help us to reclaim our Happiest Hour, it also encourages listeners to invite their fellow bartenders to join in for a good cause. Beam Suntory will donate $1 per follow of each Bartender Playlist on Spotify, up to $500 per playlist, to the Restaurant Workers Community Foundation (@rwcfusa).

We spoke to Robin Nance, Senior National Portfolio Ambassador at Beam Suntory, about the program and she shares, “As a great lover of music, this program excites me for a lot of reasons. It’s a wonderful way for bartenders to express themselves, through music, with a broad audience. Many bars & restaurants across the country are still closed to indoor dining and I’ve always felt the music in a venue was as important an ingredient as anything that goes into a cocktail. This program provides a way for bartenders to share their musical creativity even if they can’t welcome guests to their bars. For the listener, it’s a way to transport themselves to a venue virtually, while they enjoy 6ourbon 7ime at home!”  What type of music does Nance hit play on during her 6ourbon 7ime? “Anything by Thelonious Monk (especially on vinyl).”

Chris Patino of Simple Serve created the program with Beam Suntory and explains, “music is a bond that binds us. It soothes the soul and helps to provide an escape. In many ways a great whiskey does the same, which is why when Beam Suntory approached Simple Serve to create an initiative centered around bartenders, and helping to create a platform focused on reclaiming the restorative time we’ve lost due to the pandemic, it was almost kismet.”

We pressed him to share his 6ourbon 7ime song selection,”It’s so hard to pick just one, but for this it would probably be “Ooh La La” by Faces.”

Full Bartender Playlists Line-Up Below

Additional Bartender Playlists will be released monthly, now through September, for your listening enjoyment:

Can’t wait for more? Chris Patino and Stacey Swenson created a secret Simple Serve playlist for 6ourbon 7ime exclusively for Thirsty. You can check it out HERE.

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