The 9 Bloody Mary Drinks to Sip This Weekend

For us, the weekends are all about boozy brunching. And what better way to enjoy a day off than by sipping a delicious Bloody Mary? There are creations to suit every last, with everything from ones made with mezcal to over-the-top garnishes. Check out these 9 Bloody Mary Drinks to Sip This Weekend.

Santa Sangre from Cindy’s

Cindy's Santa Sangre in Chicago

Take your weekend brunch cocktail game up a notch with the Santa Sangre at Cindy’s in Chicago. This drink is a riff on the Bloody Maria, made with Del Maguey mezcal, organic Suckerpunch Bloody Mary mix, olive brine, lemon, smoked salt, manchego and chorizo for a spicy – and boozy – treat. 12 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, 312-792-3502, Photo Credit: Kelsey Sullivan

The Downhill Snapper at The St. Regis Aspen Resort

The Downhill Snapper at St. Regis Aspen Colorado

The very first Bloody Mary was created at The St. Regis New York’s King Cole Bar in 1934 by bartender Fernard Petiot, but was called the Red Snapper (Bloody Mary was deemed too risqué for the upscale hotel). Now, the cocktail is a signature of the St. Regis brand and the Downhill Snapper at the Aspen location pays homage to that original with Woody Creek vodka infused with dill and basil, homemade Bloody Mary mix, olives, cornichon, a lime wedge and a salted rim. 315 Dean Street, Aspen, 970-920-3300, 

Green Bloody at The Cannibal LA

Green Bloody at The Cannibal in Los Angeles

Head to The Cannibal in Culver City, Los Angeles and check out the Green Bloody, a spicy and flavorful blend of cucumber, onion, celery, parsley, cilantro, fire-roasted tomatillo and jalapeño, served with your choice of spirit. 8850 Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, 310-838-2783,

Pickled Mary at Boston Chops

Pickled Mary at Boston Chops

If you aren’t quite sure what type of Bloody you are in the mood for, Boston Chops has three different delicious options, all made with the venue’s homemade mix. The Pickled Mary features asparagus, a Brussel sprout, cornichons and green beans, the Smoked Kebab is made with cocktail onion, roasted pepper and a piece of beef tongue while the Shishito is finished off with pepper jack cheese and a charred shishito pepper. Try ’em all. 1375 Washington St, Boston, 617-227-5011,

Buffalo Bill at Headquarters Beercade Chicago

Buffalo Bill Headquarters at Beercade

Another one from Chicago, the Buffalo Bill at Headquarters Beercade blends Stoli vodka with housemade Bloody Mary mix and Frank’s Red Hot sauce, served in a ranch salt rimmed glass and garnished with a skewered Amish chicken wing. It’s basically a meal in a cocktail. 213 W Institute Pl., Chicago, 773-665-5660,

The Ceasar at Chelsea Hotel

The Ceasar at the Chelsea Hotel Toronto

The Canadians are all about the Bloody Ceasar – featuring Clamato instead of tomato juice – and the Chelsea Hotel in Toronto ups the game with five different options. Using local ingredients, chef Brian MacAskill helped create the special Clamato mix and each version is unique with varieties including: bacon-infused vodka, wasabi-infused vodka, regular and red and green pepper-infused gin and lime-infused tequila. They really have something for everyone. 33 Gerard St. W, Toronto, 416-595-1975,

Bloody Amatriciana at La Moderna

Bloody Amatriciana at LA Moderna in Miami

It’s all about the bacon and cheese with the Bloody Amatriciana cocktail at La Moderna in Miami Beach. An homage to the classic Italian dish, this super flavorful drink blends bacon-washed Russian Standard vodka, Bloody Mary mix, tomato juice and a Parmesan cracker. 1874 Bay Rd, Miami Beach, 786-717-7274,

Bloody Mary at Root & Bone

Bloody Mary at Root & Bone East Village

The fried chicken is divine but you also need to check out Root & Bone mixologist Dave Olson’s Bloody Mary cocktail. It’s made with vodka and a homemade Bloody Mary mix featuring tomato juice, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, black pepper and stout beer, served in a glass with pickled okra, pickled, lemon and bacon. 200 East 3rd St, New York City, 646-682-7080,

Bell Pepper and Black Peppercorn-Infused Bloody Mary at The Original Dinerant

Black Pepper Black Peppercorn-infused Bloody Mary Original Dinerant in Portland

The Bell Pepper and Black Peppercorn-Infused Bloody Mary at Portland, Oregon’s The Original Dinerant is serious business, mad with vodka infused for three days with a bell pepper, black peppercorns and a bay leaf, creating a delicious base for the cocktail. The house-infused vodka is then mixed with house made Bloody Mary mix, served in a rocks glass and garnished with a skewer of olives, pepperoncini and lime. Yum. 300 SW 6th Ave. Portland, Oregon, 503-546-2666,


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