Adam Robinson of Portland’s Deadshot on Cognac: It’s Such a Pure Expression

Portland, Oregon is known for its distinct personality – and that’s one of the things Adam Robinson from Deadshot loves the most about his adopted town.

“Things exist here that you don’t really see anywhere else,” Robinson says. “And it’s that uniqueness that I really love about this city.”

It also happens to be one of the things that has drawn Robinson – who originally created Deadshot as a Monday night-only pop-up bar that recently moved into a permanent space – to Cognac.

“I’ve really embraced the culture of Cognac over the last few years,” he admits. “It’s a very interesting process, very different from other spirits.”

“It’s just such a pure expression of the fruit,” he continues, adding, “There’s just so much history with Cognac.”

Video shot by Elliot Clark | @apartment_bartender.

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