Highlights of the First Annual Aegean Cocktail & Spirits Competition featuring Stray Dog Wild Gin

Greek spirits are getting much more attention, education and visibility in the bar world.  Thanks in part to the Aegean Cocktails & Spirits organization which was formed with the aim of continuing to increase awareness about Greek spirits throughout the industry. Earlier this year on September 26, 2021, they launched their very first cocktail competition at the Lighthouse at the SNFCC in Athens. The competition was judged by some of the most influential and well-respected names in the global bar industry.

Stray Dog Wild Gin, the most awarded Greek gin that showcases the flavors of the Mediterranean, was one of the main featured products in the cocktail program by inviting bartenders to create their own unique Gin & Tonic. Over 25 bartenders submitted amazing recipes and competed in Athens to become the Greek Spirits Ambassador by Stray Dog Wild Gin.

Johnny Livanos, Founder of Stray Dog Gin, shares a bit about being part of the program, “when we first heard about this competition, we knew we had to participate. Stray Dog is very proud to be a part of the growing and exciting category of Greek spirits, and a cocktail competition is the perfect way to showcase the product. It was amazing to see the creativity of the Greek bartending community shine.”

Aimed at showcasing Greek bartender talents, the competition identified potential ambassadors of Aegean Cocktails & Spirits both in Greece and abroad. As the competition grows, more bartenders will be given an opportunity to represent Greece and its amazing products on the global bar stage.

Judges from Greece

  • Vassilis Kyritsis, Co-Owner Of The Clumsies no3 Worlds 50 Best Bars
  • Anna Metaxa, Brand Ambassador Macallan
  • Aristotelis Papadopoulos, World Winner of World Class 2009, Owner of Soul Shakers Bar
  • Loretta Tosca, Co-Owner of Ice Up
  • Stelios Papadopoulos- Global Brand Ambassador Jose Cuervo, Co-Owner of Barro Negro

International Judges

  • Ago Perrone, London Director of Mixology at The Connaught
  • Gabriela Moncada- London, Co- Founder at THE BAR Tequila Trainer & Expert- London, Brands Consultant
  • Giulia Cucurullo, London Bar Manager, The Artesian Bar
  • Mario Farulla, Milan, General Manager BV Club Milan
  • Matteo Zed- Rome, Bar Manager the Court Hotel Rome & Amaro evangelist
  • Monica Berg- London Συνδιοκτήτρια Tayer & Elementary London, Founder Pour Project-
  • Tess Posthumus- Amsterdam, Owner bartender The Flying Dutchman- Difford’s Guide Netherlands
  • The Cocktail Lovers- London Owners and Founders of the Cocktail Lovers Magazine & Site –
  • Simon Difford- London Cocktail book author & Founder of Difford’s Guide
  • Simone Caporale, Barcelona, Owner Sips Bar Barcelona

After showcasing their creative cocktails and bartending skills, the judges named Giannis Oikonomou from Casablanca Social Club as the winning champion and Thanos Kanakis from Styl Cafe-Bar, and Ioúlios Roumpén of Casa Gastrobar as the runner-up finalists with their cocktails featuring Stray Dog Wild Gin.

Stray Dog Gin & Tonics by the Aegean Cocktails & Spirits Finalists

Giannis Oikonomou (Casablanca Social Club) – Calypso cocktail

  • 60ml Stray Dog Gin
  • 100ml Homemade Zero Waste Tonic*

Zero Waste Tonic – Leftover tonic flavored with herbs and spices, and then re-carbonated it. Ingredients – 700ml leftover tonic without carbonation, sage 0.6gr, Cumin 2gr, Coriander 3gr, Cardamom 1.7gr, Peels of 2 Lemons, Peels of 2 Oranges, 5 Laurel Leaves, Mushroon Pepper 2.6gr

Thanos Kanakis from Styl Cafe-Bar – Elixir cocktail

  • 50ml Stray Dog Gin
  • 5ml Oleo saccharum*
  • 5ml Rosemary oil
  • 150ml Aegean tonic

*Oleo saccharum –  100gr lemon peels, 100gr powdered sugar. Storage in a Kilner type jar for 24 hours. Then strain to keep the oily sugars. Rosemary oil: 150ml sunflower oil and rosemary. Slow cooking (sous vide) up to 60°C for at least 30min.

Ioúlios Roumpén of Casa Gastrobar – Aegean Flag cocktail 

  •  60 ml Stray Dog Gin
  • 30 ml Aegean Cordial*
  • Top with 3cents Gentleman Soda

*Aegean cordial – 100 gr pink grapefruit juice, 100 gr white Grapefruit juice, 100 gr lemon juice, 200 gr orange juice, 600 gr granulated sugar, 10 gr citric acid, Sous vide 145′ 45 C.

For more Stray Dog Gin cocktail recipes visit StrayDogGin.com and follow their instagram @StrayDogGin    


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