Amaro Montenegro Celebrates The Human Spirit At BCB 2019 In An Epic Closing Party

For their second year stateside, Bar Convent Brooklyn 2019 was a much bigger affair, with nearly double the amount of branded events and activations. Even with all of the buzzing activity in New York City, Amaro Montenegro once again managed to throw the most epic party to close out the convention and celebrate the human spirit.  Amaro Montenegro again teamed up with the creatives at House of YES to present House of Montenegro: an Italian-Inspired Sagra, offering an evening of fantastical glamour, opulence, and exquisite sensory overload.

Guests entered the fantasy world created by Amaro Montenegro and enlisted legends of the industry to serve expertly crafted cocktails at hidden bars throughout the venue. Acclaimed mixologists included Julie Reiner (Clover Club & Leyenda), Sother Teague (Amor y Amargo & Blue Quarter), Lynnette Marrero (Llama Inn & Speed Rack), Salvatore Tafuri (Edition Hotels) and, of course, Amaro Montenegro’s Brand Ambassador, Tad Carducci.

Julie Reiner (R) and Tara Fougner, Partner at Thirsty (L) – Photo Credit Eric Cecil 

Marco Montefiori, Director of Market Activations, explains, “Last year’s event at Bar Convent Brooklyn was such a success and a great way to close the show. Everyone loved it so much, including the team at House of YES, we decided that we had to do it again!”

We asked Montefiori about the success of this event at BCB for Amaro Montenegro and he
shared, “The bar world is always changing, therefore, Amaro Montenegro is always looking to​
evolve and stay relevant as a brand. People want an experience and that’s what we want to
create. We wanted guests to Pursue their Human Spirit at this year’s event. ​We combined the
best of it all with top performers, world famous DJs and the magic of House of YES mixed with
the element that is most important for us: super-premium cocktails made with Monte [Amaro
Montenegro] and Select Aperitivo crafted by top mixologists like Salvatore, Julie, Sother and our
National Brand Ambassador, Tad Carducci. The human spirit definitely played a big part in this

Tad Carducci & Jacob Ryan – Photo Credit Eric Cecil 

Brooklyn’s legendary House of YES provided the entertainment showcasing performances by Kat Cunning, Bad Buka, and Hudson Horns along with DJs Sabine Blaizin and Sasha Barbot. Along with the spectacular cocktails and entertainment, guests were treated to theatrical surprises around every corner like swirling aerialists, angelic harpists and avant garde dance performances.

As Amaro Montenegro toasted to the Human Spirit, they also showcased experiential elements of beauty in artistry, nature, music, dance, and of course, taste.  The ability of Amaro Montenegro to evolve along with the diversity of the human spirit has made this iconic Italian beverage a part of so many celebrations throughout the years.

The brand’s National Brand Ambassador, Tad Carducci, gives his thoughts on the success of the event, “Bartenders gravitate to it because its versatility as a cocktail ingredient and because it’s a category that is steeped in tradition and heritage. While Montenegro celebrates its deeply historical roots and traditional processes, we passionately embrace irreverence, individuality and quirks. We do things a bit differently.

The Amaro Montenegro House of Yes party was an incredible celebration of art, music, performance, community and pure pleasure (and, of course, fantastic cocktails). It was an incredible feast for all the senses, and our guests never knew what was going to happen next. We pursued the human spirit, and I’m pretty sure we found it! Bacchus would have been proud!”

Sother Teague – Photo Credit Eric Cecil 

Amaro Montenegro will continue celebrating the Human Spirit as a sponsor of the Spirited Awards at Tales of the Cocktail for the categories of American Bartender of the Year (Amaro Montenegro) and Best American Cocktail Bar (Aperitivo Select) and with the international cocktail competition, “Be the Vero Bartender.” Their BCB 2019 closing party will be hard to top, but knowing Montenegro, we can’t wait to see what they will create next.

Stay tuned for more on Amaro Montenegro on social media @amaromonte #PursueYourHumanSpirit

For full event menu, click HERE.

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