Drink This Now: ASO Martini at Automatic Seafood & Oysters in Birmingham

With bars and restaurants slowly getting back to the (new) normal, we are exploring cocktail menus around the country in search of drinks to enjoy both out or at home. Next up: the ASO Martini at Automatic Seafood & Oysters in Birmingham, Alabama.

Made with gin, sherry, Dolin dry, saline, orange bitters and lemon expression, the ASO Martini is garnished with green gerignola olives and served chilled and up – making it the perfect accompaniment to a seafood-based meal.

“Since our restaurant is seafood-centric – we normally have about 12 -15 oysters and about 8 different varieties of fish from the gulf – and my favorite cocktail is a 50/50 Martini, I wanted a cocktail that you could crush with oysters on a hot day here in the South, or enjoy as a nightcap,” explains Automatic Seafood’s Jose Medina Camacho.

ASO Martini recipe + preparation

  • 2 oz. Plymouth gin
  • .5 oz. Lustau Fino sherry
  • .5 oz. Dolin dry
  • 1 dash of 10:1 Saline
  • 2 dash Orange bitters
  • Lemon expression, garnished with Green Gerignola  olives

Automatic Seafood & Oysters details

2824 5th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233; 205-580-1600; www.automaticseafood.com; @automaticseafood

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