Astoria Distilling Company To Launch “Queens Courage” Gin

Get ready, Astoria: this summer, a new Queens-based distillery will launch an old-fashioned gin You might be able to taste the spirit of Queens soon.

The Astoria Distilling Company – the brainchild of  neighborhood resident Chris Murillo and a finalist in the Queens Economic Development Corporation’s StartUP! Business Plan Competition – plans to debut his “Queens Courage” gin, which he describes as an “Old Tom” style gin, in the next few months.

“It works really, really well in cocktails,” Murillo told DNA Info. “[It’s also] really smooth and refined enough that you can drink it neat, which is an added bonus.”

And while the product – which will be slightly sweetened using locally sourced honey – is being made at a partner New York State distillery outside of the city, the plan is to have a local space soon enough.

“Our ultimate goal is to absolutely build a distillery in western Queens,” Murillo said, adding that he eventually plans to add Greek ouzo to the portfolio.

“Once we get our own facility we’d like to start experimenting in creating spirits that kind of highlight the different cultures in Queens,” he said.

Astoria Distilling Company


[DNA Info]

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