Authentically Delicious Cocktails at Wayku Miami

The indoor/outdoor restaurant and bar, Wayku, recently opened in Miami’s popular Arts district, Wynwood. The venue’s decor was inspired by Andean mountain culture, and exudes an intimate sexy ambience, however, party is the vibe at the back bar. In the kitchen, Wayku’s young and eclectic chef, Matteo Gritti, deploys his innovative techniques fusing Latin and traditional Andean cuisine, while, it’s celebrated mixologist, Mona Gallosi, creates cocktails that complement his food concept.

Columbia-born and Miami-based, Gallosi, began her extensive mixology career in Buenos Aires, where she became one of BAs’ most celebrated bartenders as well as television and radio personality, gastronomic businesswoman and entrepeneur.  For the bar program at Wayku, she has built a culinary drink menu, entitled “Authentics”  based on flavors, textures and aromas of Chef Gritti’s cuisine. In addition, there is a classics menu which features re-interpreted cocktail favorites.

Here a sampling of from both of our faves from both menus:

Authentic Cocktails at Wayku Miami

La Flor Blanca

Refreshing and herbaceous; mixed with Vodka, blanched Cilantro, Lime and topped with Sparkling Water.

Nicely complements the delectable Hamachi Tiradito starter -made with melon, yellow pepper-yuzu sauce, crispy onions and caviar.

Latin Lover

Boozy and slightly sweet; stirred with Aged Rum, White Vermouth, Pecan Honey and Aztec Chocolate Bitters.

Pairs excellently with the scrumptious Braised Short Rib over a peas, ginger and wasabi puré.

Classic Cocktails at Wayku Miami

Amazonas Cosmos

This tropical version is juicy and sweet; shaken with Vodka, Cointreau and Passion Fruit Juice.

Spritz Wayku  

Bitter, yet, easy-to-drink; mixed with Prosecco, Campari and topped with fresh Dragon Fruit.

TIP: For a low alcohol version; request the ratio pour as more Prosecco than Campari, which will also greatly decrease the bitterness.

Do not leave without ordering their unique and delish desserts: Pink Volcano -pistachio gelato, which gets its pink hue from ruby cocoa beans; and the amazing Avocado Cheesecake topped with candy mint and finger lime.

Wayku Restaurant & Bar – Miami Details

Hours: Tuesday through Thursday, from 4:30pm to 11 pm; Friday through Saturday, from 4:30 pm to 12 am; and Sunday from 4:30pm 11 pm. 

73 NW 26th Street (Wynwood District), Miami; ; @waykurestaurants ; @monagallosi

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