Awesomeness Alert: How To Saber Champagne

Sabering champagne is a fun process that will enhance your fine dining. Guests will be so excited to be part of this fantastic moment. They will wait for the popping moment with excitement, a tradition that has been around since the days of Napoleon. Even though it takes seconds to do it, you will need to learn how to execute the process first. The most important thing is that you need a special instrument called a champagne saber. It is a knife-like instrument that will help you break the top off the bottle and remove its cork. This post teaches you how to saber champagne safely and create a real show for your guests!

Gather the things you need

To saber a bottle of champagne, you must gather the supplies and ensure you have everything needed by hand. You will need a champagne saber, a towel, an ice bucket, and a bottle of champagne. 

Even though a champagne saber is an interesting tool to have for champagne enthusiasm, not everyone will have it in their home. However, this does not have to mean you can’t saber champagne. You can still find an alternative way to do it. You can do it using the blunt side of a butter knife, a spoon, or even a sword like a Mini Katana. The traditional way to saber champagne was done by the French soldiers using a sword. You can try sabering with a weapon if you have the experience.

Also, it is essential to check the champagne bottle before you get started. Make sure it isn’t damaged, and there are no chips and scratches. In addition, make sure to work with products made in France. The glass is thicker, and the top will come off clean when hit with a blunt object. If you try to saber a bottle with other types, it might end up exploding in your arms. Therefore, it is better to be careful. 

Cool the bottle

Cooling the bottle is one of the most critical steps to sabering champagne. When the glass is cold, it is more vulnerable and can be easily sabered. You can store the wine in the fridge for a couple of hours prior to sabering it. If you haven’t done this, there is an alternative solution. Fill an ice bucket with ice and place the bottle upside down for 20 minutes. With this, the neck of the bottle will chill.

Saber the champagne

Get your saber ( or alternative tool) and a towel to prepare. Remove the foil and wire cage to provide an even surface. This will make the process easier for you. Wipe the bottle to ensure it is dry. The condensation on the surface can make the bottle slipper and cause it to fall. Therefore, drying it with a clean towel is essential. 

Hold the champagne bottle with your non-dominant hand at a 45-degree angle. Secure the bottle with your fingers while positioning your thumb under the punt. Find the bottle seam and position the champagne saber over it. This is essential as it creates weakness, and the cork will be easily removed. 

Your elbows should be kept in a high position, and your wrist should be straight. With a quick motion, strike the bottle’s neck forward. If you haven’t had success on the first try, go again. But this time, make sure to apply more force to open up the bottle. With this, the bottle will open. Now you’re free to serve the champagne. Your guests will be so impressed by your excellent skills. You don’t have to get it right on the first try, so practice to make it perfect. 

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