Awesomeness Alert: Dutch Fred’s Housemade Bitters

As the temperatures drop, you need to keep warm – and the housemade, spicy bitters at Dutch Fred’s are the answer. This Hell’s Kitchen hangout is getting into the bitters game, making their very own concoctions to be used in different cocktails.

Spicy not your thing? That’s ok – they also have an aromatic orange version as well as celery bitters. But don’t take our word for it; go try them all for yourself.

Hell’s Tincture

A hot mix of pepperoncino, jalapeño and habanero and citrusy notes, these bitters are made with Calabrian pepperoncino, jalapeño, habanero, lemon peels and are featured in the Hell Is A Mild Climate with Altos tequila, Campari, lime and Gifford grapefruit.

Orange Bitters

Made with orange, lemon, grapefruit peels, gentian, juniper, coriander and cardamom, these bitters have a strong orange flavor, with lemon and grapefruit notes, and a distinct woody bitter character. Try them in the New Amsterdam, with Lairds Applejack, housemade grapefruit cordial and orange bitters.

Celery Bitters

Think savory and bitter with a hint of citrus, this variety is made with celery, lemon, gentian, allspice, cloves, juniper and coriander and are featured in the Dutch Courage, along with Dutch gin, lemon and mint.

Dutch Fred’s details

307 West 47th St., 646-918-6923,

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