Back Bar Cleaning Checklist: How To a Have A Spotless Bar

In these trying times — when it’s hard to stay afloat with many people shutting down temporarily or permanently — we all need little words of encouragement to get us through the day. This is especially for bars and restaurants since they saw a much harder impact than the other parts of the economy.

When people first go through the door, they have their first impression of your bar and remember that for a long time. Even though you rarely think about it, your customers will always notice a dirty bar very quickly, so it’s more than obvious that a clean bar is an important aspect of a successful establishment.

To achieve that clean appearance and make your bar look as good as it possibly can without much (if any) expenses, you will need to clean the mainstays. A back bar is one of the main attractions for any place that sells alcohol drinks, as it is the first thing most people see as they enter the bar. Considering that fact, it’s very important to keep it clean.

Because of all of this, we’ve written a cleaning list designed to help you manage the cleanliness of your main attraction — the back bar. We will guide you through the ways that you can use without much effort and make your locale achieve its maximum potential. A clean bar means more satisfied customers, even if they don’t realize it.

The Schedule – Do it right now

Probably the simplest item on this list is making a schedule of what, how, and when you do the cleaning. The easiest way to do this is to break the cleaning schedule into small bits and pieces, starting from the daily and weekly routines to monthly deep-cleans. Making a schedule should be quick work and will look something like this:

Daily Bar Cleaning Checklist

You should do your daily cleaning tasks in two different ways twice a day —  one in the evening and one during open hours. For instance, you should do simple things that are quick and easy throughout the day, and leave the harder stuff after you’ve closed the establishment.

Weekly Bar Cleaning Checklist

You should put in your weekly cleaning tasks more effort than into your daily routines but not so much that you lose valuable time on things that aren’t essential for the locale.

Bar Deep-Cleaning Checklist

Since deep cleaning is most troublesome, there are some especially important things to consider when you are making your checklist. The key ones are how deeply to clean your bar when you’re going to do it, and who’s going to do it. In some cases, it recommended that you just call a professional cleaning service.

Daily cleaning in-depth

You can divide your daily cleaning into two different routines — the constant maintenance you can do throughout the day, and the one you do in the evening. There are different things you need to do, before, during, and after the customers have left for the day.

Cleaning To Do Throughout the Day:

In order to keep your bar clean, you need to do certain things regularly before you open. It’s your choice whether you want to make it your employees job to continuously keep it clean, or if you would rather make it a shift-based routine, with employees doing it when they come in.

Take out the trash regularly. We all know how fast the trash can fills up at home and it seems like you just took it out —15 minutes ago. Well, this is even more true for bars and restaurants.

It may seem tedious and mundane to have to take out the trash, but it’s very easy to slip into that hole of — “I’ll do it later” — and all of a sudden you’re sitting there with 2 full trash cans and no one to take them out. To solve this take out the trash as soon as you see it  ½  to  ¾  full.

After a customer leaves, always clean the table. Wipe the table as soon as you see the customer walks out the door. This is a step that is extremely easy to miss if you have customers streaming in and less than reasonable time to serve every single one, but it is also a hallmark of a great establishment and one that everyone appreciates.

Your sink should never be full. The thing is, people drink a lot, (yeah, we were surprised too), so it’s essential to do everything in your power to handle the immense amount of glasses and kegs that go through the washer every hour, after every customer.

You can fix this problem quite easily if you have a well-organized staff who know their individual responsibilities. For example, who does the dishes? Moreover, if there are too many people, they should complete their responsibilities more often.

Weekly Routine

Depending on your number of guests and how many of them you receive, there are things that you don’t need to do every day, but which are still important :

  • Empty and clean reach-in coolers.
  • Clean behind movable service and storage equipment
  • Sort through and organize drawers and cabinets.
  • Clean shelving for glassware and liquor bottles.
  • Sanitize keg lines.
  • Clean Back Bar coolers.
  • Take preventative measures for bugs and pests.
  • Run floor mats through the dishwasher or power wash outside.
  • Dust and clean display bottles or decorations

Your Closing Routine

Your closing routine is going to be a bit different than your daily one. In order to prepare in the best way possible for the next day’s hard work, there are a couple of more things you need to do before you can go home at the end of the day. For starters, count the money in the register, close the faucets, and cap the kegs. Next, clean the speed guns, break down service bars, and run everything through the dishwasher – garnish containers, shakers, bar mats, etc.

In the end, empty trash cans and take the bags out, sanitize the speed rails, date any wine bottles opened that day, and refill non-perishable disposables.

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