Bacon, Booze, and more Bacon at BarBacon Union Square

Having been met with success in its Hell’s Kitchen haunt, the meat heaven that is Barbacon has arrived on the Union Square scene with a flourish. Sitting mere steps from the subway on 4th avenue, the restaurant presents itself as everything that someone who loves bacon wants in life; whether it’s served on a dish, in a glass, or on a t-shirt.

Entering Barbacon you’ll see dozens of puns urging you to “pig out”, which in all likelihood, you will. Everything on the menu seems to come with bacon on or in it, but it’s the artistry in cooking and serving the bacon that keeps Barbacon from being just a gimmick. Whether it’s drinking a cidery mimosa (with a stick of Bacon soaking up the juices) or trying their beer/bacon tasting plate, you can just imagine the mad bacon genius behind the scenes dreaming up new ways to serve their house-made bacon.


While it’s bread and butter will always be its bacon dishes, the drinks are good enough at Barbacon that it can hold its own among other sports bars. The Bacon infused Old Fashioned is a welcome twist to a time honored classic and the Bacon Bloody Mary has the potential to dominate the brunch scene. Besides these bacon cocktails Barbacon serves the staples of beer and wine as well as the famous (or infamous depending on who you ask) Delirium beer. With dozens of TV’s and a friendly staff, Barbacon is casting its net for the sports crowd and offering some terrific sells: bacon, drinks, and more bacon.


In a neighborhood filled with burger joints to watch “the game” in, it can be tough to distinguish yourself and provide the neighborhood-feel necessary to foster regulars. The Union Square locale is already putting its name out there as a hotspot though, hosting cornhole Tuesday nights as well as brunches on the weekend and festive holiday specials throughout the week. While the amount of meat served at Barbacon is not for the faint of heart, it will become your guilty pleasure burger and beer spot before long.

Barbacon Union Square details

127 4th Ave, New York, NY. 10003; 212- 477 – 0104; 

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