Bad Monkeys Bar Lab Brings Modern Day Bar Icons To A City Near You

Monkey Shoulder is known for shaking up the bar world and pushing boundaries, particularly when it comes to changing the perceptions about the Scotch category. This year, the brand is debuting The Bad Monkeys Bar Lab bringing together an all-star roster of modern-day bar icons to lead quick-fire interactive classes across the U.S.  The Bad Monkeys Bar Lab diverges from traditional seminars in that every class features a hands-on element that ties back to Monkey Shoulder’s “Play With Your Whisky” theme.

The series kicked off on April 29th in Austin, TX followed by stops in Washington D.C., San Diego, CA and Tampa, FL. The Bad Monkeys roster includes industry luminaries Ezra Star (Drink Boston), Dev Johnson (Employees Only NYC), Nectaly Mendoza (Herbs & Rye / Cleaver, Las Vegas), Yael Vengroff (The Spare Room LA), Christian Delpech (Mr. COCO, Las Vegas), Kristin Koefod (18.21 Bitters, Atlanta) and Josue Romero (Mezcalero Bar, Los Angeles).

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Each Bar Lab event will offer five (5) 30-45 minute classes, lunch, music and, of course, Monkey Shoulder cocktails. Before the Bar Lab the party will kick off on Nov. 17th with a “Bad Monkeys for a Good Cause” charity happy hour featuring signature cocktails from Bad Monkeys team.

Bad Monkeys Bar Lab Schedule

*Event hours will be 12 – 4 p.m. Check back for updates and action from the Bad Monkeys Bar Lab here and on Instagram @thirsty

Words with Vance Henderson – Brand Ambassador of Monkey Shoulder

What is the Bad Monkeys Bar Lab?

The Bad Monkeys Bar Lab is an epic evolution of our 2018 Bad Monkeys Academy, bringing in more Modern Day Industry Icons to lead quick-fire interactive workshops relevant to bartenders and cocktail culture. We’re swinging across the country with the Labs hitting and combining markets like Austin & Houston, TX, Washington, DC & Baltimore MD, San Diego & Los Angeles, CA, and Tampa, St. Petersburg & Orlando, FL. What sets The Bad Monkeys Bar Lab apart from traditional seminars is that every lab features a fun hands-on element that ties back into Monkey Shoulder’s “Play With Your Whisky” theme.

Why did Monkey Shoulder decide to put this program together?

The initial incarnation of the program was the first day of our two-day Ultimate Bartender Championship competition. We wanted to provide the participating bartenders with some strategic tips for how to tackle some of the competition rounds. This year we wanted to move away from the “competition pressure” component and concentrate on providing the super rare opportunity to have more faces in the place with fun and interactive topics and bringing more industry superstars and their respective expertise along for the ride!

How were the Bad Monkeys talents selected for the program?

Some of the OG’s like Dev Johnson, Ezra Star, Chris Hannah and the late John Lermayer were original judges for the UBC. As we currently progress, we first look at topics that are interesting and relevant to bartenders. From there, we look at the vast talent we have in our industry and reach out peeps that have some expertise on those topics. I’m so excited about bringing more new faces along in the future!

What can folks expect from a Bad Monkeys Bar Lab event and how do you suggest they prepare to get the most out of it?

First things first, Monkey Shoulder is all about amazing and delicious cocktails and having all of the fun while you enjoy them. So everyone can bet they’re going to have a complete blast if they make it to Bad Monkeys Bar Lab. And they’re also pretty much guaranteed to be salty if they miss it!  Each event will offer (5) 30-45 minute labs, lunch, music and cocktails! Individual lab topics include Frozen Monkey: Ice & Frozen Cocktails Techniques, Flair Monkey: Working Flair Techniques, Bitter Monkey: Bitters & Fermentation, Garnish Monkey: Photo-Ready Garnish Game, Monkey Business: Bar Management & Ownership, Flavor Monkey: Cocktail Balance & Trends, and Speed Monkey: Speedy Round Building.

How should someone prepare that’s attending?

Make sure that they eat their Wheaties!

Anything else we can look forward to for Monkey Shoulder 2019?

So many announcements! But I’ll just say, keep an eye out for our Monkey Mixer Cocktail Truck serving up all the liquid goodness across the country. And don’t be the one that misses one of our World Famous after parties. I’ve got some outrageousness up my sleeve for Bar Convent Brooklyn and Tales of the Cocktail! Looking forward to seeing your faces in all the places! #MakeItMonkey!

Get more information at Monkey Shoulder on Instagram @monkeyshoulder 

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