Bar Institute returns to NYC

If you are looking to start a serious career in the bar world or get more deeply involved in the industry, you should check out Bar Institute.   Coming to NYC from Monday, November 13 – 16, in their words, Bar Institute is, “the premier programs for peer to peer education built by and for the bar community, is coming to New York with classes focused on the business of the bar and social issues that are facing the community.”

We chatted with Lindsey Johnson, Founder of Lush Life Productions and Producer of Bar Institute ahead of the 4-Day festivities.  Read all about it and find out how to get 50% off tickets!

How would you describe Bar Institute?

The Bar Institute exists to empower and educate hospitality professionals looking to move forward in their careers–whether that be behind the bar, in an ownership or management position or consulting. Over the four days of programming, Bar Institute NYC offers 53 classes all completely focused on career building. All classes are unsponsored and we do not allow alcohol to be served in the classroom. Between classes, our brand partners create thoughtful experiences for our guests that range from Brooklyn Gin’s Bartender Yoga to Jack Daniel’s offering tastes of their new Tennessee Rye to Old Spirits cracking ancient bottles for our guests to sample. At night, we invite guests out to events that are intended to entertain, inspire and offer opportunities to network.

Who should attend Bar Institute?

Do you work as a hospitality professional? This event is for you. We encourage bartenders, servers, barbacks, proprietors, hosts–you name it– to join us. Some of the classes are at a fairly high level, so if you need a little guidance, just stop by the Info Booth, and the Lush Life team will point you in the right direction. We have classes that are appropriate for every level.

What should attendees expect?

Attendees should expect a very rigorous and inspiring day of classes and events. Those who get the most from the event commit to being present from start to finish (as the event is designed that way). Classes in NYC are usually very full, so we recommend getting to the venue early to make sure you’re saving a seat since everything is first come first served. But, since everything is modular (and only costs $25 for all four days including all classes and events), you can absolutely pop in for a class or event and still get your money’s worth.

Should they prepare? If so, how?

The best way to prepare is to download the Bar Institute App, get your ticket and check out the schedule. In the app, you can mark down the classes you want to attend, set reminders and interact with other guests (including presenters, students, sponsors, staff). The app also has all of the event information, so you can see where you’ll be having fun all week!

​How do you come up with the Seminars / Classes?

We start with five tracks of programming: Bar Ownership, Bar Management, Advanced Bartending, Consulting and Personal/Social Justice Issues. From there, we talk with members of the community we have identified as thought leaders and talented professionals, and ask what they would like to teach in their specific area of expertise. We work with them to mold their concept into programming that fits with the greater track arc, and we have ourselves a schedule. Of course, there are some brilliant ideas that simply don’t fit in the confines of those tracks, so we add those as Electives. We are really excited about being able to present programming that ranges from BarMetrix’s very well known management courses to addressing issues facing bartenders day to day like managing their personal finances (taught by Aaron Sparks). And, with our social justice focus, we are able to spark conversations around racial equality and sexual assault prevention-two issues which are top of mind for our community right now.

What’s next for Bar Institute?

Next up, Bar Institute will be back on the road and Jamming Econo for another round of day long class sessions and popups all over the US. Last year, we hit 25 cities over the course of 6 weeks, and we plan to do the same this year! You can expect to see us in Florida, the West Coast and back in the Northeast in Spring 2018- raising money for CORE ( and connecting to bartenders in their hometowns.

For more information and ticket info, click HERE.  Use the code “thirsty” for 50% off your ticket order.



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