Bars and Restaurants are Reopening. Will You Go?

As the country slowly begins to reopen following the COVID-19 shutdown, bars and restaurants are being cautiously optimistic about having customers back – and Chopin Vodka wants to know: are you planning to go back to your favorite spots for a cocktail?

“Our team is passionate about supporting our bar and restaurant brethren as they reopen and felt the most impactful way to do that is by understanding what they need to be successful,” said Chuck Kane’, Chopin Imports COO. “We haven’t seen any real data on the opening of drinking establishments and felt the best course was to understand what guests need to feel comfortable going out again.”

To help give the bars and restaurants of a community useful information about what guests are planning to do, thirsty – along with Chopin Vodka – has created a survey to ask people about their post-lockdown drinking plans.

“Chopin is built upon family and passion, and with the data uncovered in this survey, we hope to provide insights that will ultimately help our extended family – our bars, our restaurants, and our customers,” he added.

About Chopin Vodka

Chopin is a boutique, family-owned craft distillery that produces artisanal spirits and liqueurs. It is widely regarded as the world’s top vodka distillers, Chopin Vodka is distilled from local ingredients grown a pristine district of eastern Poland (100km east of Warsaw) and the entire distillation process – from growing, cooking, fermenting and distilling raw ingredients, to bottling – is carefully tended on the Dorda family property. Chopin Vodka was the first to debut ultra-luxury vodka in 1993 with its iconic bottles– a design that has since redefined the vodka sector. In addition to producing three single-ingredient vodkas – potato, rye and wheat – Chopin also offers a trio of Dorda Liqueurs (Dorda Coconut, Dorda Double Chocolate and Dorda Sea Salt Caramel). Naturally gluten-free, Chopin Vodka is the best-selling potato vodka in the U.S. and is the most awarded potato vodka in the world.

For more information on Chopin Vodka, please visit and follow along at @ChopinVodka.

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