Barstool Review: Louro West Village

You know that strip of the West Village that has so many bars and restaurants it’s almost too difficult to decide where to go? Louro has just made that decision a bit easier with the launch of their winter cocktail menu and new amaro flights.

Arctic Cynar

Like most watering holes, Louro changes their cocktail menu seasonally. Just before the holidays, Beverage Director Mayur Subbarao (perhaps you know him from Amor y Amargo, Dram, or as the co-founder Bittermens Spirits?) shook up about a dozen new cocktails to showcase his affinity for rich flavors and unique spirits…and amaro.

Amaro Flights

Louro not only has four different themed amaro flights, it also has more than 15 amari (the plural of amaro…who knew?!) behind the bar and 5 amari cocktails. Naturally, I was intrigued enough to stopped by to chat with Head Bartender Ben Pirtle about the menu, the cocktails, amaro, and the industry.

The conversation about amaro started as all should – “I f@*king hate vodka.”

Once Ben got that out of the way, he made a couple of Louro’s signature cocktails that have survived the menu changes through the seasons – Arctic Cynar (toasted chili-infused rye, cynar, lemon, grapefruit, honey) and Whiskey in the Jar (Irish whiskey, grapefruit, ginger, spices). I tried them both and completely understand why they have yet to be voted off the island.

Whiskey in the Jar

Ben explained that, simply, amaro is an Italian digestif. There are countless variations and “some of them have up to 150 herbs in them.” They can be mixed into cocktails, like the two above or one of the new favorites Auteur (rye, amaro, cinnamon, pine), or they can be sipped neat, as they are traditionally enjoyed.

Those new to amari, like myself and 97% of the people I know, are in luck at Louro. In addition to the new amaro-heavy cocktails, they have added four amaro flights to the menu. For just $12, you can try three amari variations from one of four categories – Winter Flight, From the Garden, Citrus & Caramel, and Bracingly Bitter. Familiarize yourself with the completely massive range of flavors, discover what you like and don’t like, sound super legit next time you walk into a bar and order a “Zucca Amaro neat, please”.

For the record, Louro isn’t exclusively for the amari-intrigued. There’s a fabulous happy hour that includes free snacks and there are some non-amaro cocktails worth trying, as well. And, if you show up while Ben’s behind the bar, you may just pick up a few extra knowledge nuggets…”any cocktail with citrus us shaken, not stirred, and an open bottle of vermouth should always go in the fridge.” The more you know.

Louro Details
142 West 10th Street

Happy Hour: Tuesday-Sunday, 5:30-7:30pm, 10pm-11pm
Dinner: Tuesday- Saturday 5:30 PM – 11 PM
Brunch: Sunday 11 AM – 4 PM
Monday: Nossa Mesa Supper Club @ 7 PM. Tasting Menus.

Call restaurant or
Twitter: @louronyc

Main Image Credit: Alice Gao

Louro West Village Interior

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