Barstool Review: Our Wicked Lady

Review by Kristina Headrick for ThirstyNYC 

They say it takes a village, and in the case of Our Wicked Lady, the village is North Brooklyn. At a time when New York City feels doomed to commercialization, the story behind this hybrid  establishment is refreshing.

The founders and owners Zach Glass, Wayne Gordon and Keith Hamilton all have strong ties to music and arts. This commitment shines through in Our Wicked Lady’s business model, which doubles as a compound of sorts, housing musicians’ practice spaces and artist studios. Keith explains “We wanted to make a situation where it’s actually like a community, people might meet each other at the bar. We don’t want to push it too hard, don’t want it to be some weird, like, commune, but a place where a band might organically find their next videographer.”

Our Wicked Lady

Cocktail wise, the selection is small but mindfully and locally curated. Subject to change seasonally, we suggest you try the “El Fantasma” ASAP. Made with Morris Kitchen’s locally made ginger syrup, lime juice, Montelobos Mezcal, The 86 co. Tequila, this drink is a margarita’s sexier cousin. Another notable standout was the “Tin Penny Jenny”, a gin based cocktail that spoke dearly to my southern affinity for porches and rocking chairs. Made with the same Morris Kitchen ginger syrup, Ford’s gin, a friend’s Tin Penny Jenny blueberry jam, lime, and mint, the drink pairs well with balmy evenings.

I asked about the bar itself, a well designed wooden piece that could have come straight from a high-end interior designer’s Pinterest board. Naturally, I  was told that a friend of theirs created it. The interior (pictured here) is refreshingly minimal in a neighborhood where a busy, gallery wall-meets antique trinkets-meets throwback aesthetic dominates. Also designed and painted by- you guessed it- talented friends of the owners accomplishes the rare feat of appearing sleek and without feeling cold. With the myriad shows and events on Our Wicked Lady’s calendar, the neon lighting in the center of the bar is destined to become a photographer (and I must add, and Instagram) favorite.

The cherry on top of top notch cocktails, knowledgeable bartenders, and admirable mission is the rooftop. In case you hadn’t noticed, there is serious dearth of rooftop bars in the general East Williamsburg and Bushwick areas. Might we suggest you soak up every last ounce of summer warmth on said roof while sipping that Tin Penny jenny?

Keep up with Our Wicked Lady on Facebook ( for updates on rotating DJs, shows, and the newly instated Monday movie nights!

Our Wicked Lady Details:

153 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Hours: Monday-Friday 5pm-4am and Saturday- Sunday 4pm-4am
Easily accessible from the Montrose or Morgan L stop.

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