Pouring Ribbons: Silk Road Cocktail Menu

Sometimes a bar just gets it right on ALL levels, one of those bars is Pouring Ribbons.  Not only does this bar hands down have one of the most creative, innovative and delicious cocktail menus in the world, the talented staff lead by  truly cares and they are all incredibly friendly, not a hint of pretension that you can sometimes find in craft cocktail bars. Add in a kick-ass soundtrack, expect everything from Tribe Called Quest, Isley Brothers, to the legendary Prince.

They recently launched their new “Silk Road” menu and it is truly mind-blowing!  Run there and tell ’em that Thirsty sent ya.

But a little bit more about one of our favorite bars, Pouring Ribbons, we chat with one of our favorites in the industry, a man who is a true class act, and happens to be as funny as he is talented, our Thirsty Cocktail Hall of Famer, Joaquin Simó.

“I didn’t want guests to come in and feel like they’re in an 1890’s saloon, or 1920’s speakeasy.” – Simó

When asked about the original inspiration for Pouring Ribbons, Simó says, “The thought process for Pouring Ribbons was always to do things a little differently than we had seen thus far. Having already worked at a dimly-lit, tiny craft cocktail bar with a massive menu, I really had no interest in opening up yet another version of the same thing.”

Way of the Warrior Pouring Ribbons Photo Credit: Paul Wagtouicz

As for the space itself, Simó explains, “We worked with WarrenRed Design to create a brightly-colored, open and airy space that had clean lines with lots of texture and felt modern yet timeless. I didn’t want guests to come in and feel like they’re in an 1890’s saloon, or 1920’s speakeasy.”

As for the menu itself, “Jonathan McIlroy did a brilliant job with our own typeface, branding and original menu design, especially the flavor matrix located at the front of the menu,” gushes Simó. “Guests have responded incredibly positively to that visual representation of our menu offerings, as it gives them a very easy way to narrow down their choices even if they don’t know exactly what all the ingredients are. The size of the space is also considerably larger than most cocktail bars, which gives us the ability to accommodate large parties with ease. If a 4-top turns into a 12-top, we can smile and make it happen.

How often do you change your menu?

For the first 3 years, we changed the menu seasonally. It was usually close to a 100% flip from Summer into Fall as well as Winter into Spring, with about 50-75% changes in the cocktails between Fall and Winter as well between Spring and Summer. Basically, we were doing about 3 full menu changes spread out over four seasons. To celebrate our third anniversary, we decided to change it up completely and move away from seasonal menus and into yearly themologies that we would interpret in two menus each year. Our first year’s theme was Roads & Travel, with our Route 66 menu kicking things off.

The Route 66 menu kinda broke the internet, when will you roll out your next one?

The next menu will be inspired by the Silk Road, the legendary trade route that spanned from China to the Mediterranean, with stops in the Middle East, Turkey, and India, among many others. R & D is currently ongoing.

  • Stone Roses Pouring Ribbons
  • Spell of Shiraz Pouring Ribbons
  • Southern Facing Army

Photo Credit: Paul Wagtouicz

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