Barstool Review: Upholstery Store Food & Wine West Village

The Upholstery Store Food and Wine is tucked away on Washington Street in the West Village. If you happen by the entrance and you aren’t paying attention, you might miss it. A cocktail lounge from renowned chef Kurt Gutenbrunner, Upholstery Store boasts a large selection of wine: sparkling, white, red and, of course, rosé plus lots of delicious cocktails.


First up was the Village Garden, made with gin, apricot nectar, elderflower syrup, lime, and fresh flowers – quite refreshing for summer. Another delicious tipple was the Going Green, also featuring gin, plus Lillet, Cucumber-Basil Juice, Lemon, and Egg White.

The drinks paired great with the octopus, a generous portion served with herb gremolata and crostini.


Last up was The Owner’s Manual – a drink with the most amazing presentation. I happened to run to the restroom when the cocktail was presented and when I came back to the bar, there was an empty garnished glass sitting on top of a book titled: Upholstery Techniques Illustrated – one with an outdated techniques as those with the modern guides we usually see on The book also looked like it was straight out of the ’70s with the furniture that is on the cover. But this wasn’t just any book; the cocktail was a Mezcal Old Fashioned, served in a flask and then hidden inside of the book.

It also helped that it tasted incredible.


Upholstery Store Food & Wine Details

713 Washington Street New York, New York 10014

Tel: (212) 929-6384

Upholstery Store Food and Wine is open 4:30pm to 12:30am, seven days a week.

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