Bartender Atlas Opens A 24-Hour Virtual Bar With Some Of Our Favorite Bartenders From Around The World


We miss bars! We miss sitting across the wood from a bartender as they make us a cocktail. We miss traveling and discovering new bars. We miss all of it so we are bringing the bar into your home for 24 hours straight! Beginning at 12pm EST on Friday, May 28th, 24 bartenders from across the globe will work 1 hour shifts from their home or work bar. They will be making cocktails, answering your questions and telling you about their cities and bars. We are so excited to have you there!

24 Hour Bar will stream live on Twitch:

The last 15 months have been devastating for the bar community with restaurant and bar closures and lockdowns taking place globally due to the pandemic. Everyone, no matter their city or country, has been negatively affected by it. We wanted to create a virtual event to bring bartenders from across the world together, hiring them to do what they do best: making creative cocktails and engaging with the people. While we may not be allowed to visit these bartenders at their bars right now (or in the coming months!) this is a chance to bring that experience home to everyone.

24 Hour Bar features 24 bartenders from 12 countries, 11 time zones and 6 continents.
Below is the 24 Hour Bar schedule including all of the participating bartenders and their home cities. During the live stream, send them your drink requests, ask them what you should make with the spirits you have at home or anything else that comes to mind. It’s going to be fun!

Bartender Atlas 24 Hour Bar Schedule

All listed times in Eastern Standard Time (New York/Toronto).
Friday, May 28th
12:00 – Josh Lindley (Toronto, Canada)
13:00 – Steva Casey (Birmingham, Alabama, USA)
14:00 – Josephine Nguono (Nairobi, Kenya)
15:00 – Alicia Perry (San Diego, California, USA)
16:00 – Thatta Kimura (São Paulo, Brazil)
17:00 – Rachel Wright (Buffalo, New York, USA)
18:00 – Jonathan Stanyard (Seattle, Washington, USA)
19:00 – Jack Zgheib (Beirut, Lebanon via São Paulo, Brazil)
20:00 – Meghan Webb (Wanaka, New Zealand)
21:00 – Christina Veira (Toronto, Canada)
22:00 – Nick Drescher (Winnipeg, Canada)
23:00 – Sam Jimenez (Tulum, Mexico)
Saturday, May 29th
00:00 – Claudia Cabrera (Mexico City, Mexico)
01:00 – Carolyn Yu (Vancouver, Canada)
02:00 – Bianca Wendt and Ric Divola (Sawtell, NSW, Australia)
03:00 – Daphnee Vary Deshaies (Vancouver, Canada)
04:00 – Tori Blathwayt (Melbourne, Australia)
05:00 – Ishrat Kaur (Gurugram, India)
06:00 – Richie Cruz (Marikina, Philippines)
07:00 – Kate Boushel (Montreal, Canada)
08:00 – Liz Furlong (San José, Costa Rica)
09:00 – Samantha Casuga (New York, New York, USA)
10:00 – Gioacchino Sorrentino (Salerno, Italy)
11:00 – Shannon-Blue Nanibush (Ottawa, Canada)

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