Bartender Tips for Surviving the Holidays

We are in the primetime of the holiday season and at this point, you might be EXHAUSTED from decking the halls, but we have put together some bartender tips for surviving the holidays. As much as you might want to bail on those parties, dinners and cocktails, hang in there! We have some expert advice from industry veterans who know more than a thing or two about how to survive never ending cocktail events … top bartenders!

Here is some advice from three of the very best in NYC on how to survive the holiday entertaining season. Trust them, they’re trained for this:

Tips to Survive the Holidays

You will probably have a hangover for weeks and gain an extra pound or two but don’t be lame – Nico De Soto, Mace in East Village.

Ivy Mix (Leyenda) – Overall Solid Philosophy

My first piece of advice is just give in. YES, you will be hung over more this next month; YES, your pants will fit tighter perhaps. YES, you will have made some sort of stupid drunk remark at one of these parties you regret. YES, YES, YES to all of those things. But guess what? YES! You get to eat and drink delicious things! YES! You get to make memories you can only remember thanks to instagram. YES! You’ll have  blast.

Don’t do shots. Just don’t. It’s the nail in the hangover coffin. – Ivy Mix

So, go big or don’t go out. Honestly, nothing kills an awesome holiday party like someone saying, “Oh God, I’ve gotten so fat off all these cookies and skinny girl margaritas, I can’t wait until the holidays are over and I have to have fun again.” Seriously. If you’re worried about the hangovers and tight waistlines, do something about it!

Drink smoothies + juice in the morning instead of cereal – 2:1! Good for you and really helps that hangover you earned.

Pro tip: add ginger!

Do hot yoga – Ick gross. I know, I hate too. But you’ll feel like a million bucks when you’re done and you sweat a TON.

Take care of your skin– it really makes a difference on how you perceive yourself. Lastly – don’t do shots. Just don’t. It’s the nail in the hangover coffin.

Pamela Wiznitzer (Seamstress) – Print this Out and Carry with You

Be smart. You have 6 holiday parties in 2 weeks, plus the weekends to go out? Perhaps you don’t have to drink too heavily at each of the open bars. Stick low proof or just sip on a glass or two of wine. There’s no way to tackle all of those events and being clear headed the next day unless you keep the alcohol intake to a minimum.

Ladies, get yourself some comfy heels. Yes, those 4 inch-peep toe killers make your legs look like they go on for days, but after an hour of two of standing around, you’re going to wish you never slipped on those puppies. Instead, take some time beforehand to break in a pair of heels, get insoles, or else go for something that you can wear all night.

EAT! Excessive drinking on an empty stomach is a one way ticket to a date with our ceramic friend in the bathroom. Instead, hit the appetizers early and give yourself a base in your stomach for the booze to be soaked up as you imbibe through the evening.

Drink lots of water. The cold air outside already does a number on sucking the moisture from our skin. And with the addition of eating and drinking, water becomes a necessity. Be sure to not only drink during the day, but have a glass of water for every two drinks you have when you are out at parties or at home celebrating with family and friends.

Exercise. Even if it’s for 20 minutes, find time to run, lift weights, go to yoga, or anything that gets you moving. This time of year brings on excessive caloric intake and the pounds can easily add up and turn us into sloths. Combat that with some cardio which will also boost your metabolism and allow you to enjoy all of the food and drink even more.

Be careful of your level of drunkenness. every year you see someone from your office get over served and then wind up without a job he next day because they did something stupid while intoxicated. DON’T BE THAT PERSON! Pace yourself. Shots are a guaranteed way to get too drunk too quickly (and uncontrollably) and there is no need to keep up your pace of drinking alongside others. Play it smart and safe but slowing your roll, drinking water, and not chugging your drink so you can hit the dance floor every time your favorite T-Swift song starts to play.

Have a plan to get home. Whether it is a friend at your party who ensures your safe delivery to your door step or the Uber app on your phone, plan ahead of time and budget for a way to leave your event and make it home safe. Make sure to get the best phone plan deals for your phones.

Mimi Burnham (Porchlight) – Sound Advice

It’s okay to walk around with an empty glass for a while at a Holiday Party.

Make your own cocktail, if you can, keeping it lighter on the booze and add more mixer. These days, your host will probably have some kind of vermouth or sherry on hand- which is usually only 15% alcohol- add an ounce or 2 of any vermouth or sherry with ice and top with tonic water, add a slice of lemon and you have a yummy cocktail with no regrets. Be the savvy guest at the party by gifting your Host with a bottle of vermouth, costing well under $20, and stay the happy person you are- not that ‘hot mess’ whom will not be invited back.

Drink a glass of water after every cocktail, or sweet treats, for staying power.

If you are feeling pressure to keep your glass full at a party, add seltzer and cranberry with a garnish to look like a cocktail- only Santa will know and he’ll reward you on Christmas Day!

Eat a healthy and substantial lunch during the Holiday Season! Too often, we get caught up in poor time management, rushing to make that party after work. If you only ate a plain salad at Noon, you’ll be lifeless by 8PM at a cocktail party. Eat before you imbibe; your body needs it and your Host most certainly expects it.

Now let’s hear from some of the men, who may not be as eloquent as the ladies, but they are certainly entertaining. 

Steve Yorsz (Rochelle’s) – For the Fellas

Take milk thistle everyday- good for your liver. Drink beer. Stay away from carbonated drinks. The bubbles make the booze hit you faster. Drink 3 glasses of water for every drink you have.

Drink half your drink, go to the bathroom and dump the rest down the toilet. It’s holiday parties, you’re not paying the tab.

Nico de Soto – Mace (aka Miracle on 9th Street for the holidays) – LOL

Simple: no restrictions!  Drink as much as you want, take a lot of drugs (editors note – he means O.T.C. like Advil or Tylenol), get laid like A LOT with whomever you want and where ever you want. You will probably have a hangover for weeks and gain an extra pound or two but don’t be lame, you will recover in January. #doitthefrenchway

Well, said Nico … well said!

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