Top 5 Bars Midtown East: A little something for everyone

Living in Midtown East can be tough when it comes to finding a good bar, trust me, I live there. The area is fairly loaded with pubs, sports bars and average at best bars with and has been long neglected by many serious bar and industry folks. However, it isn’t all a wash, there are a few gems that are really great and worthy of a visit if you live in the hood or find yourself visiting Midtown Easters (please visit) like me. So here are some top picks for various occasions while in Midtown East:

Top 5 Midtown East Bars

The term ‘Best’ has a different meaning for everyone, I have chosen my top five Midtown East bars. There is a rooftop bar, wine bar, cocktail bars and beer bar.

Salvation Taco Rooftop (Pod 39 Hotel)

Stunning festive rooftop, tequila, mezcal, cocktails by solid bartenders, & people watching … what more could you want? –

145 East 39th Street, NY, NY

Beekman Bar and Books

Old world class with fine spirits and of course, books. Dark leather, a working fireplace and stellar whiskey selection, this will feel like time traveling back to the 19th century.

889 First Avenue, NY, NY

Sofia Wine Bar

Sofia Wine Bar

Calling all you lovers (or potential lovers), this candlelit wine bar is the perfect lil date spot to cozy up for a chance at romance.

242 East 50th Street, NY,NY

Middle Branch

Part of the legendary Sasha Petraske’s family of bars and that is a name that should always be honored and the bar team there consistently delivers to live up to the craft cocktail standards that were set by their forefather.

 154 East 33rd Street, NY, NY

BXL East

This everyday Belgium joint is a unfussy spot grab a pint or flight over a great burger to catch up with friend or watch sports. We suggest going on Monday for $25 Unlimited Mussels and a beer.

210 East 51st Street, NY, NY

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