The Best Time to Drink Coffee, Hint it Isn’t When you First Wake

Unless you are a blessed freak of nature early bird, waking up in the the wee hours of the morning is a struggle for most of us mortals.  As many of us painfully face the fact that it is time to exit blissful slumber and enter the real word, we first utter to ourselves, “but first, coffee.”  However, scientific studies reveal that drinking a cup of coffee when you first wake up is actually not the ideal time to enjoy the java jolt.

Although everyone’s body is different, the average human’s internal clock is typically regulated by the 24-hour circadian rhythm that has mainly been genetically programmed by sunlight.

Everybody is different, of course, but we are all guided by the 24-hour hormonal cycle referred to as the circadian clock. These basic rhythms are preprogrammed into us genetically and although we can mess with our cycles through lifestyle habits, the major factor in their regulation is sunlight. One of the things that this clock controls in humans is the release of the a hormone called cortisol which makes us feel alert and awake.

Why you should wait

Consuming caffeine while our bodies are already at peak cortisol-production teaches the body to produce less cortisol, according to chronopharmacologists who study the way drugs (such as caffeine) interact with our body’s natural biological rhythms. Not only does this undermine the effect of the caffeine, it also works against cortisol’s alertness effect. Perhaps even worse, it may contribute to developing a tolerance for coffee (meaning that it takes more and more just to get to the same place—yikes)!

So to get the biggest jolt from your morning coffee, try to wait an hour after waking to brew that first cup of your 11 oz colombian whole bean coffee. For a better coffee experience, you can use the Best coffee makers under 50 or keurig pods. And when you’re looking to follow up with another caffeine fix, try to do it outside the other peak cortisol production times—typically between noon and 1:00 p.m. and between 5:50 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. And if you’re looking to get a new coffee machine, have a look through UK coffee machines for the best ones on the market. This will definitely help you kick any of those afternoon lull feelings and will power you into a productive evening.

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