Bibo Opens in West Hollywood, From the Walker Inn, Normandie Club & Honeycut Team

Attention West Hollywood: there is a new cocktail destination in town and, trust us, you need to experience it. Bibo Ergo Sum opens its doors to the public tonight in Robertson Plaza with the help of the Proprietors LLC crew, the folks behind Death & Co., the Walker Inn and Honeycut, just to name a few. The full name, Bibo Ergo Sum, translates playfully to “I drink, therefore I am,” but folks will get to know it as Bibo.

This is the first bar by Los Angeles native Tait Forman, whose family owns Arclight Theaters, and he wanted to create a spot where locals could come and enjoy serious drinks.  Paying homage to his family’s tradition and the silver screen, Bibo’s opening menu is inspired by the beloved film, The Prestige.   It has 18 cocktails (ranging from $12-$14), broken into three sections inspired by the three components of a magic trick: the Pledge, the Turn, and of course, the Prestige.

Under the expert guidance of Proprietors LLC, Bibo’s menu will ensure that there is something delicious for everyone – from uncomplicated crowd-pleasers to more complex avant-garde concoctions. Each section will also include one low-ABV and one non-alcoholic beverage option. Four tap beers are also available, with plans for a curated beer cellar and a small selection of natural wines.

For now, Bibo is walk-ins only with 80 seats in all including 16 at the bar.  However, Forman hopes to accommodate as many guests as possible who want to get in on this new spot.  He shared with us, “Although Bibo is a seated cocktail experience, we will allow for standing room around the bar while people wait for their tables or bar seats. We know in LA everything is a destination and we’re no different. People go out here with intention, so if someone seeks us out, we want to be sure to get them in, get them a cocktail, and ensure they have the best experience possible. There are plenty of spots in town with a list or a line, and our goal is to be as inclusive and accommodating as possible.”

Sleight of Hand
Cold Brewed Tea, Seedlip Spice, Wine Tannin, Fresh Cherry Wood Smoke

Bibo details

116 N. Robertson Boulevard, Suite F, West Hollywood, Los Angeles | biboergosumla

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