Bourbon, Black Coffee and Wine Pairings with Josh Beckerman AKA Foodie Magician

You’ve probably seen him hanging out at the top bars and restaurants in NYC, entertaining surprised guests and astonished chefs alike. With a sleight of hand, Josh Beckerman – more familiarly known as the Foodie Magician – can miraculously guess your dog’s name, bend a quarter with his mind and pull a sealed and stapled envelope from his blazer pocket, containing a name of a contact from your cell phone.

Then, of course, there is the famous “guess your favorite restaurant” trick, which he has performed for everyone from Jean-Georges (he picked Nobu) to David Chang (wd-50 was his choice), and has been featured everywhere from the NY Times to the Today Show.

The 34-year old entertainer spends his days and nights eating and drinking at the best places all around NYC, and then documenting it on Instagram, Twitter and his website,

We caught up with Beckerman about his favorite places to hang out, his favorite things to drink and some hidden NYC gems.

Drinking With Josh Beckerman AKA Foodie Magician

Favorite place to hang out over a drink?

I love going to a place in my neighborhood called Duck’s Eatery. They have great cocktails and a chill vibe, plus some nice outdoor seating. Of course, I also love the food there, which is unique and fucking awesome.

Favorite drink?

I’m into bourbon and scotch straight up and I like a good spicy margarita, especially the ones at Empellon Cocina, Lure Fishbar and Mayahuel but like anything with alcohol in it, because I’m a lush. #stillsingle

*Mayahuel recently shuttered, August 2017.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee – iced, straight black to the top, no sugar – I drink 2 or 3 a day. My favorite is the Ben Franklin from Abraco.

Favorite bartender/sommelier/ drinks service industry person?

T.J. Lynch at Mother’s Ruin has been in the industry for a while and is really fun. I also love Natalie Tapken at Lure; she knows her wine.

Best wine pairing dinner you ever had?

I don’t do wine pairings often because I get too drunk but I had the wine pairing dinner at wd-50 in 2007 and it blew my mind – each wine was the continuation of the dish. I’ll never forget it. I’ve never had it but need to try the one of Hearth because [beverage director] Paul Grieco knows his sh*t.

Hidden NYC gem?

As someone who is obsessed and passionate about food, I usually drink where there are amazing bites nearby. ZZ’s Clam Bar is not cheap, but it’s really intimate and has amazing cocktails and food. Decoy is another one of my go-to spots – love the drinks, and of course, they have great food. But Lover’s of Today is more of a hidden cocktail lounge – when I went, I actually only had a club soda, but am dying to try the drinks. Join me?
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