Box Wine Is Rising Rapidly In Popularity This Summer And We’re Here For It

Box Wine was once the a favorite of my college sorority parties and the butt of some serious jokes, and hangovers. However, in recent years, we have seen the rise in popularity and respected cred in the Boxed Wine game. Although cans had been the growing trend in wine packaging, the pandemic caused an unexpected surprising new trend of box wine becoming cool.

In a recent article by Wine Business showed that box wine has been experiencing year over year growth since 2018 and that box offerings now represent 9% of wine sales in off-premise channels.

Now before any gets all judge-y on box wine, hear me out …. Box wine has some serious pro’s in it’s column.  So let’s take a look at a few and in the meantime, check out our conversation on box wine in our private Facebook industry discussion group HERE Spoiler alert, we are into it!

Box Wine is Just Fine

  • Value – money is tight for most of us, unless your company is in Fortune 500, so the value that boxed wine presents is an important factor.
  • Lifetime – Once opened, boxed wine can up to 6 weeks which in these days of social distancing, a big box of wine that is usually 3 or 4 750ml bottles, to last that long without oxidation is a major plus, wine fridges uk has a wide variety of coolers that can help you keeping those bottles of wine.
  • Packaging – because it isn’t glass, you can bring your box to the beach or pool (where allowed of course) without safety issues of breakage.
  • Size – large format is always fun but with COVID-19 lurking on every corner and surface, sharing one vessel is not a wise move for health & safety. Box wine can be shared with friends & family easily without exchange of germs.

DISCLAIMER – we do recognize that plastic is problematic and that is definitely a major con to weigh on the list. Please remember when you finish box wine to separate the cardboard box from the plastic liner and add the box to your paper recycling.

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