Brewers Association Celebrates Independence With The Independent Craft Brewer Seal

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Brewers Association celebrates independence with the independent craft brewer seal

The United States has become a global mecca for the independent craft beer movement with cities across the country brewing up some incredibly exciting and distinctive local offerings. The Brewers Association—the not-for-profit trade group dedicated to promoting and protecting America’s small and independent craft breweries—has launched a national campaign with the independent craft brewer seal to promote independent craft breweries.  Seal artwork is free to download and can be displayed at point-of-purchase outlets (both on- and off-premise) to proudly showcase support for independent breweries.

With the ever-changing beer landscape through major beer company acquisitions and new product launches, there can be confusion as to which products actually are independent craft beer.  Fans of indie suds can trust in the seal to enjoy these specialty suds with full transparency and confidence.
The best way to capitalize on independent craft is with the independent craft brewer seal. This seal quickly identifies brands that are truly independent for consumers and steers their buying behavior.

“Independent craft breweries continue to turn the beer industry on its head by putting community over corporation and beer before the bottom line. They continue to better beer and our country by going beyond just making the beverage. These small businesses give back to their backyard communities and support thousands of cities and towns across the U.S.,” said Bob Pease, president & CEO, Brewers Association. “As Big Beer acquires former craft brands, beer drinkers have become increasingly confused about which brewers remain independent. Beer lovers are interested in transparency when it comes to brewery ownership. This seal is a simple way to provide that clarity—now they can know what’s been brewed small and certified independent.”

Independent craft beer has been a strong growth driver with imbibers responding with their purchasing power to drive sales and demand in this arena.  Research by the Brewers Association has shown that independent craft options outperform big beer acquired brands.  Below is some data and statistics that demonstrate why support and transparency of independent craft beer is important.  Buyers/retailers that support smaller independent breweries can download the point-of-sale materials for FREE to display on menus, signage and tap handles.


  • Independent craft reaches more people with a 24 percent higher household penetration than Big Beer acquired brands.
  • More is spent on independent beer, with the purchase size for independent craft consumers 12 percent larger than the purchase size of Big Beer acquired brand consumers.
  •  Independent craft consumers purchase 43 percent more frequently per year compared to the consumers of Big Beer acquired brands
  • In 2017, craft brewers produced 25.4 million barrels, and saw a 5% rise in volume and an 8% increase in retail dollar value.
  • Retail dollar value was estimated at $26 billion, representing 23.4% market share.
  • Craft brewing’s growth occurred in the context of a total beer market which dropped 1% by volume in 2017.
  • A recent study commissioned by Brewbound and conducted by Nielsen found that “independent” and “independently owned” strongly resonated with the majority (81 percent) of craft beer drinkers.

More information about the Brewers Association independent craft brewer seal can be found HERE.
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