Drink This Now: Butter Raisin Biscuit Cocktail at Double Chicken Please

Listed as #6 of the World’s 50 Best Bars, this outstanding chicken sandwich restaurant and whimsical cocktail bar is located in New York’s Lower East Side.  Just like the name, Double Chicken Please (DCP) offers two distinct hospitality experiences and a different cocktail menu in each space. 

The Front Room serves up an array of draft cocktails -labeled as numbers, in a casual, industrial environment while the Back Room, decked out in mid-century modern decor and lighting, boasts a rotating list of innovative and classic craft cocktails.

Head to the Back Room for this rich Butter Raisin Biscuit cocktail.

“The inspiration for the Butter Raisin Biscuit comes from my personal favorite tea biscuit by the same name, that is often enjoyed alongside a cup of Earl Grey tea. I’ve always been into the flavor of brandy, but since I don’t drink much alcohol, Pineau des Charentes is a gateway to it.”, imparts Gn Chan, Co-Founder at Double Chicken Please. 

“The Butter Raisin Biscuit signature cocktail on our menu is a flip concept, meaning the food & beverage components are flipped. You are effectively eating your Earl Grey tea and drinking your biscuit.”

Butter Raisin Biscuit Cocktail

Recipe and Method by Gn Chan, Co-founder at Double Chicken Please

  • A.E. DOR Pineau des Charentes
  • Black Raisins (also known as kali kishmish, are derived from dried black grapes)
  • Mini Earl Grey Tea Madeleines (small, dry sponge cakes baked in shell-shaped molds) for garnish

Sous-vide Pineau des Charentes with black raisins for 12 hours and fat-wash with brown butter. 

Pour 75ml into a tall stemmed, tulip-shaped cognac glass over ice and stir. 

Garnish with mini Earl Grey madeleine and serve.

Double Chicken Please (DCP) – Back Room Bar 

115 Allen Street, New York; doublechickenplease.com; @doublechickenpleasenyc

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