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Last week at Butter & Scotch, the usual cocktail & pie was fizzed up by a special pop-up menu featuring Coney Island Hard Sodas. Butter & Scotch is a gem off Eastern Parkway that is a colorfully dressed babe of a soda-jerk, the walls brimming with that mid-century homey nostalgia. They offer house made pies, cakes and artfully crafted cocktails to satisfy both your sugar-hungry inner child and presently thirsty adult self.  It’s in good neighborhood company with a plate of spicy Caribbean food, or fresh pasta from Cent’anni.

My first and favorite was the Brooklyn Roots, made with Coney Hard Root Beer, Fernet Branca, Ramazotti Amaro, cream, vanilla, and turbinado syrup.  The amaro and fernet dress up the herbal base notes of the soda, while also balancing out the sweetness.  Next was the Coney Creamsicle, featuring Orange Hard Soda, orange Amaro, and vanilla ice cream.  Your hot summer day classic, and the most popular at the bar.  Last but not least the Boardwalk Mule, highlighting Hard Ginger Ale with ginger liqueur, lime, and vegan coconut ice cream.  This was the most sumptuous and billowy.  All three are served with the remainder of the soda bottle, to replenish the billowy clouds of creamy foam in your glass as you please.

Chris Adams, brewery operations manager at Coney Island says, “Partnering with restaurants that are as passionate about their craft, as we are about beer, is really incredible.”

About Coney Island Hard Sodas

Coney Island Brewing has made quite a splash in the mere year it’s been on the NYC beer scene, and their foray into the hard soda market shows they are ready to expand further. Head Brewer Eric Hernandez previously worked with Angel City Brewing in the Arts District of Los Angeles, so curious & creative is always his vibe in regards to beer making.  Hard sodas and hard root beer can be just dressed up malt beverages with artificial flavoring, but Coney Island went the extra mile by mirroring the beer brewing process as much as possible. In the Hard Root Beer and Hard Ginger Ale, it begins in the kettle with hops, malt, and added yeast.  Then cane sugar is added, and the liquid is force carbonated (with CO2) just like a soda.  Which is not to say this isn’t a beer-brewing technique as well.  For homebrewers, force-carbonating can save your flat batch.  It’s a deliciously sugary, bubbly marriage of the two processes.

So for the rest of the summer through Labor Day, you can catch these pop-up dessert menus featuring Coney Hard Sodas.  Visit Butter and Scotch, or check out Sugar and Plumm on the Upper West Side, featuring the desserts Fireworks Float, Mango Tango Milkshake, and Bacon Me Crazy.  At The Brooklyn Barge, the darling floating bar of Greenpoint, they will feature the refreshing cocktails Tugboat Float, Message in a Bottle, and The Sea Hag.

Brooklyn Roots Coney Island Hard Sodas

“When you bring our two worlds together,” says Chris, “you get a pretty awesome combination and we hope these pop-up menus inspire others to experiment with Coney Island’s hard sodas and come up with their own creations.”

You can visit the brewery to taste limited brews, like the Tart Cherry Berlinnerweiss, Kettle Corn lager, and coming soon the Superfreak, a Double Pumpkin Coffee IPA using cold brew from Café Grumpy.

Where to Find Coney Island Hard Sodas

  • Butter & Scotch Website – here
  • Butter & Scotch Instagram – here
  • Butter & Scotch Facebook – here
  • Butter & Scotch Twitter – here
  • Coney Island Beer Website – here
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