Casa Dragones Jamming Sessions 2023 is BACK and Registration is now OPEN!

Tequila Casa Dragones is back with another installment of Jamming Sessions — and this one is going to be extra special. The theme: It’s all about you! Introduce yourself with a cocktail and showcase your talent by doing what you love best: crafting cocktails. This competition is designed for bartenders to showcase their talents by designing unique, signature cocktails with Casa Dragones Blanco.

Registration is open NOW – enter here. The deadline for registration period is February 23rd, 2023.

Last year, 8 Finalists traveled to San Miguel de Allende to participate in the live finale during Barra México, Latin America’s leading bar show.

Once again, this year, Casa Dragones will be choosing 8 Finalists to participate in the live finale in their hometown of San Miguel de Allende and additional cash prices will be available.

Casa Dragones is committed to showcasing the unique talents of the bartender community. Which is why they would like you to create a cocktail that best describes you, such as a cocktail inspired by your favorite pet, your favorite color, your favorite food, or anything else you choose. All submissions will receive $100. You’ll also receive the chance to win a trip to San Miguel de Allende and up to $1,000 cash.

The criteria that the judges will use to evaluate the submissions will be presentation, ingredients, originality, and inspiration.

Submission requirements:

  • Video: record a video of maximum 1 minute and 30 seconds. In the video, you should introduce yourself, the bar you work at, list all cocktail ingredients, share the name of the cocktail, and why it best describes you.
  • Recipe: write your cocktail recipe in a Word document. The document should include, full name, bar and city, name of the cocktail, list of ingredients, method of preparation, glassware, and garnish if applicable. Additionally, you must include 2 to 4 sentences of the inspiration behind your cocktail and the response to the theme.
  • Photo: upload a photograph of your cocktail that does justice to your cocktail creation. It does not need to be professionally shot.


  • February 13th: Registration OPENS!
  • February 23rd: Registration closes
  • March 14th: Last day to submit cocktail
  • April 4th: The 18 Semi-Finalists will be announced on Instagram
  • April 20th: The 8 Finalists will be announced on social media
  • April 20th – May 4th: Travel arrangements for the 8 finalists
  • May 4th-6th: Finale during Barra México, San Miguel de Allende.

Specific dates will be announced on Casa Dragones’ social media channels. Please be sure to check @casadragones for updates

Grant Guidelines:

Crafting a one-of-a-kind cocktail is an art of its own; as such, bartender entrants will be offered additional grants as they move up in each round, providing the opportunity to win a trip to San Miguel de Allende, up to $1000 and a Bartender Residency.

  • All payments will be delivered through an e-gift card, so please make sure your email and physical address are correct.
  • All video submissions will receive $100
  • 18 Semi-Finalists will receive an additional $200
  •  8 Finalists will receive a trip to San Miguel de Allende
  • Winner will receive $1,000 USD in total and a Bartender Residency

Enter here now!

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