Celebrate National Pisco Day The Chilean Way with El Gobernador

In case you didn’t know, May 15th is National Pisco Day in Chile, and what better way to celebrate than with a Pisco El Gobernador cocktail? Crafted in Chile’s Limarí Valley, El Gobernador – part of the Torres family of spirits – uses a blend of Muscat of Alexandria and Muscat Rosé grapes to create a colorless, vibrant Pisco with notes of rose and jasmine – ideal for creating cocktails!

“As a Chilean bartender it’s impossible for me not to start May with a smile on my face,” explains Cristobal Cofré, Global Brand Ambassador for El Gobernador. “In May we celebrate our DOC which is the first one in all South America.”


Pisco, Cofré continues, exists in social Chilean’s memory, “as a wonderful spirit, a magnificent social beverage and friendship welder.”

As for its history – and the significance of this mid-May celebration – on May, 15 1931 “the former president Carlos Ibañez del Campo agreed in signing the Law that  would establish the conditions for making pisco, regulating the process, the geographical area and even the kinds of grape allowed to do pisco with this pisco was renewed and protected.”

Because of this, says Cofré “we celebrate all across Chile the Pisco Day (established on the 2009 by the government).”

“Now the industry has been improving Pisco’s quality on daily basis, and with this premium piscos like Pisco El Gobernador were born,” explains Cofré.


Made only with the best Muscats – Alexandria and Rosé – Pisco El Gobernador is produced using only a single discontinuous distillation process in copper alembic stills, giving it a “floral aroma and sweet but strong profile.”

Cofré adds: “We invite you to celebrate this May 15th with Pisco El Gobernador the way you like it!”

Tropical Pisco cocktail recipe

*image at top, in Pisco El Gobernador glass

  • 2 oz Gobernador
  • 1.5 oz Grapefruit
  • .5 oz pineapple juice caramelized
  • 1 oz lime juice
  • 2 dashes bitters
  • .5 oz jasmine and kaffir lime syrup

For more details on Pisco El Gobernador, visit www.torres.es/en/spirits/pisco-el-gobernador

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