Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Atlanta and Savannah with Slane Irish Whiskey

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, bars and restaurants all around Atlanta and Savannah are gearing up for the festive celebration of all things Irish with some delicious Slane Irish Whiskey cocktails. Since the early 17th century every March 17th has been observed as St. Patrick’s Day as a nod to the life of Saint Patrick, the most well-known patron saint of Ireland.

The village of Slane in County Meath, Ireland holds a unique place in the history of St. Patrick’s Day. In 433 AD, Patrick climbed the Hill of Slane and lit the fire before the High King. This act of defiance is the reason on March 17th we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Raise a glass of Slane Irish Whiskey and try these creative and classic cocktails while making a toast to Patrick’s defiance at these spots all around Georgia. Sláinte!

Atlanta Bars

Kingslayer at Buteco Coffee

Photo Credit: Jose Pereiro / @thecocktailshaker_

The Kingslayer at Buteco is a jazzed-up version of the negroni, care of Eddie DelaPiniella – and “Game of Thrones”. Made with Slane Irish Whiskey, Fords gin, Chile Ancho liqueur, Spanish sweet vermouth and orange expression, the Kingslayer was created by DelaPiniella while watching the hit HBO series. “I wanted something powerful but beautiful, like the character on the show who had the title of Kingslayer,” explains DelaPiniella. “I took the basics of a Negroni and figured out what I could add and subtract without butchering a classic. I chose Slane Irish Whiskey because it compliments the other flavors without overpowering them or getting lost in them.”

Most importantly,” he adds,  “I love puns and you can’t beat the combination of Slane Irish Whiskey and the word slain.”

1039 Grant St SE suite c-10, Atlanta, GA 30315 / butecoatlanta.com / @butecoatl

The Fix Up at Ticonderoga Club

Photo Credit: Jose Pereiro / @thecocktailshaker_

Inspired by the flavors of a simple hot mug of Irish tea, bartender Even Milliman concocted the Fix Up with Slane Irish Whiskey, Hoodoo Chicory liqueur, lemon juice, wildflower honey syrup and Angostura bitters, topped with tonic water and garnished with a half lemon wheel. “I wanted to emulate the flavors of an Irish tea in a cool, refreshing drink that can be enjoyed year-round,” explains Milliman. “In the effort to find the perfect balance of flavors, I started pairing small amounts of Slane Irish Whiskey with a variety of liqueurs and cordials that express the tannin qualities of tea.”

For Milliman, “the perfect pairing came with a fantastic chicory liqueur that has a lovely tea-like herbaceous component. The rich body of the cocktail comes from trace amounts of local wildflower honey. Stretching the cocktail with tonic and lemon brought a bright, fresh acidity that balances and rounds on the palate.”

Krog Street Market, 99 Krog St NE W, Atlanta, GA 30307 / ticonderogaclub.com / @ticonderogaclub

Nina’s Cold Brew at Twisted Soul Cookhouse and Pours

Photo Credit: Jose Pereiro / @thecocktailshaker_

Legendary songstress Nina Simone was the influence for this Irish Coffee riff, made by Kursten Berry with Slane Irish Whiskey, brewed coffee, housemade coffee vanilla syrup, half-and-half, orgeat syrup served over a king cube and topped with Water Sinner Son’s Imperial Stout, Bittercube Cherry Bark Vanilla bitters and garnished with housemade horchata creme fraiche.

“I’m super new to the cocktail world and I’m having so much fun in it,” admits Berry. “I have learned so so much in such a short period of time and I’m super excited to see where it all takes me. Whenever I make a cocktail I am trying to capture a memory of mine or the essence of a person or thing that inspires me. This particular drink is named after ‪Nina Simone‬‬‬ due to its beautiful, strong and layered nature and I think she embodied that. Slane Irish Whiskey is the best whiskey for St. Patrick’s today because it’s perfectly served neat or as a base for any mixed cocktail, you truly cannot go wrong with any way you choose to serve it.”

1133 Huff Rd NW #D, Atlanta, GA 30318 / twistedsoulcookhouseandpours.com / @twistedsoulcookhouse

Midnight Treaty at Ration and Dram

Photo Credit: Jose Pereiro / @thecocktailshaker_

At Ration and Dram, Andy Minchow is serving up the Midnight Treaty, a delectable blend of Slane Irish Whiskey, cognac, Averna Amaro and creme de cacao, stirred over ice and strained into a tulip glass, topped with fresh whipped cream and garnished with a shaved espresso bean. “This cocktail was created as a coffin nail, or after-dinner drink, that has some of the flavors and bitterness of coffee without the caffeine,” explains Minchow. “It is called Midnight Treaty for this reason. I used Slane Whiskey for its toffee and vanilla notes which pair well with cacao. Ration and Dram is a neighborhood restaurant serving great food and drinks to our friends.”

130 Arizona Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307 / rationanddram.com / @rationanddram

The Irish Italian at Leon’s Full Service

Photo Credit: Jose Pereiro / @thecocktailshaker_

What do you get when you mix an Irish Coffee with a Boulevardier and a little Negroni? The Irish Italian cocktail at Leon’s Full Service by Bar Manager Adam Rowe, made with Slane Irish Whiskey, Carpano Antica vermouth, Caffe Amaro, Borghetti espresso liqueur, maple syrup and Scrappy’s chocolate bitters, topped with housemade cream, an orange swath and a pinch of finishing salt. “Leon’s Full Service has been around for more than a decade offering a fairly extensive list of spirits and cocktails with an intelligent, kind and hard-working bar staff,” says Rowe. “In addition to classics, Leon’s offers a seasonal list of cocktails and zero proof “mocktails” that change with seasonal ingredients available.”

The cocktail itself, Rowe explains “is a mashup of an Irish Coffee and a Boulevardier/Negroni. It is a spirit-forward, stirred cocktail with warm flavors and a slight bitterness that is tamed with the addition of the cream and a touch of salt. It may be enjoyed pre or post-meal or whenever you damn well please. Slane Irish Whiskey sings wonderfully in this application. It pairs wonderfully and complements all of the other ingredients in this cocktail. It is also pretty damn good on its own.”

‪ 131 E Ponce de Leon Ave, Decatur, GA 30030 / leonsfullservice.com‪‬ / @leonsfullservice

‬Savannah Bars

The Sweetest Thing at Cotton and Rye

Photo Credit: Nick Hogan / @moverandshakerco

At Savannah’s Cotton and Rye, bartender Brittney Johnson created a cocktail for St. Patrick’s Day that is both creative and accessible for both whiskey lovers and first-timers alike. A blend of Slane Irish Whiskey, Amontillado sherry, Hoodoo Chicory liqueur and demerara with a sherry, cherry juice and salted candy garnish Johnson says: “the drink was created to accentuate the flavors of the Slane and create a boozy, sip able cocktail that anyone can enjoy. There is a nice blend of sweet, bitter, rich and decadent. The cocktail name was inspired by a U2 song, both with them being Irish and also having played at the Slane Castle. I think it’s a great St. Patty’s Day cocktail because while most spend the day with shots and beers, this is a nice sipper that is smooth and easy to drink.”

1801 Habersham St, Savannah, GA 31401 / cottonandrye.com / @cottonandrye

The Wolfhound at The Rail Pub

Photo Credit: Nick Hogan / @moverandshakerco

For a St. Patrick’s day cocktail that’s both creatively crafted and approachable, look no further than the Wolfhound at The Rail Pub, the oldest bar on Savannah’s Congress Street. Made with a blend of Slane Irish Whiskey, fresh-squeezed lemon juice and Angostura bitters topped with soda water, The Wolfhound “is very user-friendly,” says The Rail Pub’s Kathy Kelley. “The Irish whiskey drinker will love it and the doubter of brown liquors will be a new fan of whiskey. The Wolfhound is great for summer and winter, day drinking and late-night celebrating. Like Cuan our house Wolfhound himself, this cocktail gets along with everyone.”

For Kelley, “Slane was the clear choice due to its smooth finish and sherry notes. The cocktail is honey infused with a tease of bitters at the finish to perfectly capture Slane’s woody flavor. If a cocktail had legs this one would have the gait of a majestic Irish Wolfhound. Beautiful!”

405 W Congress St #2410, Savannah, GA 31401 / therailpub.com / @therailjon @therailpub

Oh Boyne Valley Godfather at Molly MacPherson’s Scottish Pub & Grill

Photo Credit: Nick Hogan / @moverandshakerco

Head to Molly MacPherson’s Scottish Pub but a seriously festive St. Patrick’s Day celebration – complete with the  Oh Boyne Valley Godfather cocktail. Made with Slane Irish Whiskey, Disarono, fresh orange juice and bitters, garnished with an orange twist or a sprinkle of fresh cinnamon, the Oh Boyne Valley Godfather pays homage to the home of Slane Irish Whiskey, which hails from the Boyne Valley of Ireland. “Though known for their massive scotch collection, Molly MacPherson’s Scottish Pub definitely knows their Irish Whiskey,” says Cory Rundle. “This riff on a classic scotch cocktail is the perfect example of how the Scots do St. Patrick’s Day.”

311 W Congress St, Savannah, GA 31401 / macphersonspub.com / @macphersonspub

Wander S-42 at The Peacock Lounge

Photo Credit: Nick Hogan / @moverandshakerco

There’s nothing better on St. Patrick’s Day then a well-executed Irish Coffee and the Wander S-42 at Peacock Lounge – rich and flavorful mix of Slane Irish Whiskey, choco-vanilla demerara cream, freshly-brewed espresso, creme de cacao, chocolate bitters and saline solution served in a goblet with cacao nibs and espresso sugar – is not to be missed

“In this Irish coffee play, I implemented a few of my Puerto Rican roots,” says Jomar Santos, head bartender and bar manager. “One of the most common ways to have your coffee in Puerto Rico is a Cortao or Cortadito; or a Macchiato.”

The drink name was inspired by Santos’ love of travel and in this drink, the java pairs well with “flavors of rich demerara brown sugar, delicate vanilla sweetness, and creamy cocoa, to provide a mouthfeel espresso cocktail,” he explains.

37 Whitaker St, Savannah, GA 31401 / flocktothewok.com/peacock-lounge / @peacockloungesav

Smoke on Habersham at Octane

Photo Credit: Nick Hogan / @moverandshakerco

For St. Patrick’s Day, things will heat up at Octane, thanks to the Smoke on the Habersham cocktail made Slane Irish whiskey, mezcal, lemon juice, simple syrup, and a Pinot Noir floater, shaken and strained into a coupe glass and garnished with torched rosemary. “At Octane bar, even the chilled cocktails are hot,” says bartender Chris Huey. “Literally. Octane is known for flaming cocktails, this Smoke on Habersham cocktail is sure to keep your St. Patrick’s Day fiery.”

35 Whitaker St, Savannah, GA 31401 / octane-bar-lounge.business.site / @octanebarsav

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