Chicago Cognac Classic Crawl: A Month Long Celebration For Cocktail Lovers

Cognac is one of the finest and most classic spirits in the world.  Just one sip transports you to this treasured region of France and allows you to experience the the history and tradition. It is no surprise that cognac is the base of so many classic cocktails. We are excited to announce the Chicago Cognac Classic Crawl 2018 to pay tribute to this beloved spirit.

Chicago will be celebrating this luxurious spirit for the entire month of October with the Chicago Cognac Classic Crawl 2018.  The festivities kick-off on October 1st and continue through October 31st to celebrate cognac cocktails at five top bars in the city including: Broken Shaker, Drumbar, Good Measure, Sportman’s Club and Vol. 39.

Ticket information can be found HERE and continue reading for more details below.

Chicago Cognac Classic Crawl 2018

Chicago Cognac Classic Crawl Participating Bars:

The Cognac Geographical Indication is offering a taste of classic cognac cocktails in Chicago’s top bars.

By purchasing a ticket, you’ll get one cocktail at each location, along with a custom tote bag and information on how cognac came to be the backbone of the classics. In addition, each purchaser will have the chance to win a $50 gift card to Cocktail Kingdom, to stock your home bar.

Produced only in southwestern France and one of the world’s most famous spirits, cognac is the originator of many classic cocktails, ranging from the French 75 to the Sidecar. At each of these bars, you’ll have the opportunity to taste a rendition of a classic and experience why cognac captivated the stirrers and shakers of the world’s first cocktail-makers.

In addition, 100% of the proceeds will go to Inspiration Corporation. In an atmosphere of dignity and respect, Inspiration Corporation helps Chicagoans who are affected by homelessness and poverty to improve their lives and increase self-sufficiency through the provision of social services, employment training and placement, and housing.

How it Works:

  • Pick up your ticket and tote bag at Good Measure any day from October 1 to October 30
  • Bring your ticket to each of the 5 participating locations any day from October 1 to October 31, 2018 and savor your cognac cocktail.
  • Please remember to tip your bartenders as gratuity is not included.

Important Points:

  • Must be 21 years or older with valid ID
  • 1 ticket per person
  • You may buy 1 additional as a gift
  • Misplaced tickets cannot be replaced
  • No refunds

About Cognac:

Cognac is a Geographical Indication located on France’s Atlantic Coast, 75 miles north of Bordeaux. The Cognac region and its resulting spirit—produced from wine—both take their name from the namesake town at its center. Defined by its maritime climate, clay and chalky soils and the Charente River crossing the length of the region, Cognac’s history as a spirit-producing region dates back to the 16th century, though its wines had achieved notoriety three centuries before.

About the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac:

Created in 1946, the mission statement of the BNIC is to develop Cognac, representing and defending mutual professional interests of both growers and merchants. The BNIC is responsible for organizing the production of Cognac and respond to market needs; informing about, protecting and promoting the Cognac appellation; facilitating access to markets; furthering relations between merchants and winegrowers; recording sales and exports; administering the aging control system; issuing authentication certificates for exports; and acting as the official body that and safeguards the Cognac appellation. It is made up of 100 staff members. In 1909, the Cognac area of production was delimited, and in 1936 it became an AOC. In 1989, the Cognac appellation was recognized as a Geographical Indication by the European Union.

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