Chrysanthemum at The Bar at Hotel Kabuki

Hotel bars across the U.S. have seriously stepped up their games and some of the best bars in the country can be found inside such destinations. Recently, thirsty friend and correspondent, Hannah Chamberlain – @spiritedla, check out the recently opened Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco and check out the cocktails. The drinks program is headed up by Stephanie Ann Wheeler, Beverage Director Hotel Kabuki. While there were may standouts, we think the Chrysanthemum is one you need to have on your radar as it is quickly emerging as a signature.

Chamberlain reports, “The bar’s ambience was both sleekly sophisticated and subtly quirky, a combination that also shows up in their most popular drink, the Chrysanthemum. Its delicate floral notes combined with its ‘too cute’ glassware make it pretty much impossible to resist.”  When we asked it’s creator, Stephanie Ann Wheeler for insight into the cocktail, she explains, “I was doing some inspirational research within Japanese culture and realized that chrysanthemum’s came up a lot. I found an amazing assortment of Haiku by Matsuo Basho and decided to recreate them as a drink.”

“Drinking morning tea
The monk is peaceful
The chrysanthemum blooms”

Flowers blooming
In the stones”

Chrysanthemum by Stephanie Ann Wheeler

Photo by Hannah Chamberlain (@spiritedLA)

Chrysanthemum Recipe & Instructions

  • 1 oz St George Terrior Gin
  • 1 oz Kikori
  • ¾ oz Jasmine Tea
  • ½ oz Lemon
  • ¼ oz Koval Chrysanthemum
  • ¼ oz Giffard Orgeat

Whip Shake and Strain into a Kitty Glass and garnish with Purple Flowers.

Hotel Kabuki Details

1625 Post St. San Francisco, CA | 415-922-3200 | @hotelkabukibar and @hotelkabuki

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