You Need Coffee, and Thermos is Here To Bring It To You

Living in NYC there is a delivery service for everything, coffee not excluded. We have Joyride Coffee Distributor that will deliver your favorite brand of coffee directly to your office on a daily basis. What happens if you’re from out of town and you want coffee from your favorite hometown coffee-shop or roaster?

Enter Thermos, which has been overnighting HOT coffee from different java joints around the country to members of the media as a PR stunt, including Robinson Meyer of The Atlantic, wrote documented the experience here.

The idea came about after Thermos’ president recounted a story about a client who had paid the company to overnight him coffee from across the country on a regular basis, and Thermos decided to expand that delivery service to promote their 40–ounce Stainless King beverage bottles, which can keep liquids hot and cold for 24 hours.

Prior to shipping to Meyer, Thermos shipped 25 of its Facebook fans in the US free coffee overnight from Ritual Coffee in San Francisco and they are going to re–run this contest at least every other month through the end of the year.

How Thermos Coffee Delivery Service Works

The Thermos is delivered to the coffee shop, in this latest case, Spyhouse of Minnesota, where 35 Thermoses were sent.

The Thermos are filled. According to Christian Johnson, the founder of Spyhouse, they use water at exactly 203 degrees which drops to 175-180 degrees when packages.

The Thermoses are then picked up by Fedex and loaded onto an airplane heading for their final destination which they reach about 22 hours later.

According to Meyer, when they took the temperature of the coffee in D.C. the next day, it was 151 degrees.

“So really you only lost 25 degrees between when we capped the thermos to when you opened it,” explains Johnson.

Time to order your very own hometown’s coffee, stat.

More info on the Stainless King Thermos here.

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