Introducing the Ten Global Finalists for the Cointreau Margarita Challenge 2023 – plus the Brand New Rookie!

The wait is over! After a worldwide search for the most exciting Margarita recipes, Cointreau introduces their Top 10 Global Finalists for the Margarita Challenge 2023.

Drumroll, please for the Top 10 finalists of the Margarita Challenge:

  • @luckycocktail from 🇮🇹 and his cocktail “A Margarita on the Sidecar”
  • @billy_laihimchoi0216 from 🇭🇰 and his cocktail “La Sorpresa”
  • @lolasaysgo from 🇨🇳 and her cocktail “Mysterious East Margarita”
  • @_blackrosedrinks from 🇬🇧 and his cocktail “Fragaria”
  • @aquavitae_dealer from 🇿🇦 and his cocktail “Acapulco Flor”
  • @theobaldlanteriminet from 🇫🇷 and his cocktail “Margatic”
  • @lizzyliqueurlips from 🇧🇪 and her cocktail Dewy’s Lagarita
  • @kaungzaw_bar from 🇦🇪 and his cocktail “Farmers Margarita”
  • @laura_arrieta_lara from 🇨🇴 and her cocktail “Orange orange”
  • @ramseydanger from 🇺🇸 and his cocktail “Cama de Fleurs”

Cocktail from Laura Arrieta of Colombia

In addition to these 10 Finalists, Cointreau has introduced a new Rookie: Julie Nguyen from Thailand.

As Cointreau celebrates the 75th anniversary of the iconic Margarita, the brand notes that it wouldn’t be possible without one main ingredient: transmission.

Transmission is at the heart of Cointreau, whose know-how has been passed down from generation to generation. As a pioneer of cocktail culture and a leader in its category, it is essential for Cointreau to perpetuate this tradition.

Julie Nguyen from Thailand is Cointreau’s Rookie of the Year

Thus, Cointreau proud to announce the creation of a surprise category to honor the importance of transmission: the Rookie, to encourage these talents who will reinvent the Margarita of tomorrow.

Stay tuned for the big winner reveal on Cinco de Mayo!

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