What to Drink at The Citizens Trust in Columbus

There are some very cool things happening in Columbus, Ohio and one place to check out now is The Citizen’s Trust. Located upstairs from acclaimed restaurant Veritas, The Citizen’s Trust has speakeasy vibes: open on Wednesday through Sunday, it’s in an old unmarked bank and can either be accessed from inside Veritas, or via its own private entrance around the corner.

Inside, the drinks are inventive and unique, with lead bartender Logan Demmy using techniques and that focus on using the waste of ingredients like yams, squash, peaches, apples and shrubs. For fall, Demmy is playing with new flavors and getting creative with things like honey straight from the hive, cranberry and smoked fig.


Whiskey Smash

Be sure to try the boozy and refreshing Whiskey Smash, with Old Forrester bourbon, lemon and mint and the Smoking Slingshot, made with Compass Box Spice Tree whisky, Ardbeg 10 year scotch whisky, strawberry, green chartreuse and lemon.

“As the weather gets colder, I am really excited to bring to life some slightly heavier flavors,” says Demmy. “Apples are in full harvest season, so people are already in the mood for them. Additionally, peated whiskies harken to the bonfires that are quite popular in the Midwest. As it gets colder I cannot wait to serve hot cocktails; allspice, walnut, and tea will make their way onto the menu.”


Smoking Slingshot

The Citizens Trust details

11 West Gat St. Columbus, Ohio 43215; 614-745-3864; www.thecitizenstrust.com; @thecitizenstrust

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