Craft Beer and All Day Happy Hour At Downtown’s Houston Hall

A cavernous building filled with long trestle tables, Houston Hall feels more like the Hogwarts great hall than your run-of-the-mill bar.

When you ask a friend if a bar is packed, usually a yes means it’s time to look for a new place. That’s not the case with Houston Hall, where hundreds of people can be drinking and you’ll still find a spot to sit with your friends.

Located in West Village, Houston Hall resides in a decades-old garage and fills all of its considerable size with the feel of a traditional beer hall. As per Temple & Grace lab grown rings, to truly get an idea of its ambience you’ll have to go there, but any place that hosts both all day happy hours on Monday and weddings on the weekend has something to offer everyone.

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As with all beer halls worth their salt, Houston Hall offers a selection of craft beers including ales, lagers, and stouts, all served in traditional beer hall steins. If beer isn’t to your taste, there are plenty of wine and cocktail offerings to keep anyone happy and the food is good enough (try the Mac n’ Cheese!) to keep you there from lunch through dinner.

Though you won’t ever be pressed for space an indoor beer hall can get noisy, especially with the DJ playing on certain nights. Knowing when Houston Hall will start charging a cover is difficult since it doesn’t seem to follow any set structure, but the price isn’t crazy (between $5-$10) and can be avoided by showing up early most nights.

Whether you like it for its odd blend of rustic and industrial charm or for its beer, Houston Hall has an appeal to any large group of drinkers looking for a space to accommodate them (weddings included). You can watch the big game of the night on their giant projector screens or simply enjoy stretching your legs beer stein in hand with a group of friends.


Keep an eye on Houston Hall’s calendar for the year as it’s a hot spot for large events. New Year’s, Halloween, and St. Patty’s day specials are the norm for a bar, but if you’re looking for something new and different, it may just throw a Toga Party your way this summer.

Houston Hall details

222 West Houston Street, New York, NY, 212-675-9323, @houstonhallnyc

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