Death Row Drink: Air Casebier of Charleston’s Feast

Air Casebier is a veteran chef of the Charleston food scene, where she has been honing her skills since the tender age of 17. She has cut her teeth with the greats in kitchens like FIG and HUSK as well as a myriad of others along her journey to opening her own brick and mortar Feast Charleston, whose doors will be freshly cracked early May.  I recently had the distinct privilege of breaking bread with her over her career and its next destination.  It is my hope that you will see as I have why she aptly garnered the alias Air, as she is more than just a fresh breath of the stuff.

It’s safe to say that you’re a seasoned veteran in the Charleston food scene.  What is it that you cherish most about its culture that has kept you within it?

I adore Charleston. There’s a sense of community here that I haven’t experienced anywhere else. It’s like everyone wants to see everyone else succeed. It’s wonderful.

If you could kill anyone cooking trend, what would it be?

It may not be considered a cooking trend, but I’m so over random things used in place of plate ware. If I get another dish with sauce on a flat tile, I’m returning it. Good food shouldn’t be difficult to eat.

What dead cooking tradition or method would you most like to see resurrected?

One of my most prized possessions is my recipe collection. Handwritten recipe cards that belonged to my grandmother and her mother, kept in shoe boxes. This kind of thing is a legacy that’s being lost to technology.

Couldn’t agree more. Any Southerner worth their salt has a litany of heirloom family recipes. If you could serve any one person living or dead who would it be?

I lost my mother last year, I’d give anything to serve her another meal.

I’m sorry to hear that. Given a choice, which land eternal do you want to work the line in?

Tralfamadore. Where everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.

If you could butcher any mythical creature, what would it be and how would you prepare it?

I’d definitely unleash the kraken! Then I’d beg Chef Katie Button to teach me how she prepares her octopus dish at Curate. Have you had it? Its decadence haunts my dreams.

If you had one last night on the town to go hell raisin’ where would you go? And who would you want to go with?

It wouldn’t matter where because it’s my last night alive and I’d be rolling with my dream posse: Bill Murray, Anthony Bourdain, Wes Anderson, Woody Allen, plus all the whiskey.

After a long night on the line, what late night snack/meal gives you salvation?

For me, there’s nothing better than a big bowl of pho. All the weird bits. Extra spicy.

Before  you head off to frolic in fields a’plenty, what last libation would you like to lift?

I’m a sucker for a Classic Old Fashioned. My favorite is made with Old Potrero 18th Century Style Single Malt Rye.


  • Add 2 sugar cubes to the bottom of a rocks glass
  • Top with 3 dashes of Aromatic bitters & muddle
  • Cut a disc of orange peel with a touch of meat on it, then muddle meat side down into the sugar
  • Add 1 large ice cube
  • Top with 2.5 oz Old Potrero 18th Century Single Malt Malt Rye
  • Stir to chill, & enjoy.

While you’re still 6ft above the ground, where can we follow you?  Do you have anything in the works or anything you want us to know about?

I do! This week I’m doing a collaboration farm dinner in Macon, Ga with a dear friend and fellow chef, Shawn “radar” Burnette: Moveable Feast. Definitely looking forward to that.

Also, Feast Charleston is going brick and mortar. I’m opening a tiny take out shop on the Isle of Palms, just north of Charleston. Doors open the first week of May.

Connect Socially With Chef Air Casebier

Chef Air Casebier

For pictures of food that will cause any living human to salivate, you can follow Air on Instagram @feastcharleston

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