District in DTLA Prescribes Strong Medicine Cocktail Program

The doctor will see you now.

Situated in The Bloc, a vibrant, open-air urban center in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, is District, home to one of the innovative bar programs in the city. The farm to table menu reflects the L.A.’s diverse culinary scene and affinity for global flavors, while it’s cocktail program provides an interactive drinking experience through eye-catching presentation and visual effects.

District’s Strong Medicine menu, created by Bar Lead Tony Gonzales showcases four Rx inspired cocktails, served in glass prescription bottles and made with medicinal properties. Some are prepared with smoke and fire, so it’s a highly visual process.

The Morphine (featured image, above) is a uniquely infused drink made with Mushroom Infused Applejack, Punt E Mes, Cynar, orange bitters and garnished with pink Himalayan salt, brandied cherry and orange peel. Named the Best Tasting Cocktail at the 2017 M International Mixology Competition, the Opium is gorgeous gin sipper made with Bombay East, Pamplemousse, Lemon, Campari, Lillet Rose, rose water and Riesling.


Perfect for staying up late the Nicotine cocktail is inspired by the classic combination of a cigar and brandy, made with toasted cacao nib-infused Amaro Nonino, mezcal, rum, Slivovitz plum brandy, dry curacao, espresso reduction, and black walnut bitters. Of course, there is the classic Penicillin is made with Scotch, lemon, ginger honey and peet.


For the Strong Medicine program, as well as other specialty cocktails on the menu, Gonzales also runs a custom ice program in which he free-hand, custom cuts ice for the drinks and uses custom ice molds for a totally signature element.

Consider us addicts.

District details

The Bloc, 711 S. Hope St., Los Angeles, districtdtla.com, @districtdtla

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