What to Drink – Beyond Coffee – at Newly Opened Le Pain Quotidien in Miami

Le Pain Quotidien – French for “the daily bread” – Bakery and Restaurant originated in Brussels, Belgium in 1990, before expanding into the US and the World.  However, it wasn’t until the spring of 2018 that LPQ would open its first two Miami locations.


At the Aventura Mall location, you’ll find Le Pain Quotidien’s outdoor café on the popular mall’s new piazza, facing a serene water sculpture garden with water-sprouting bronze primates, called Gorillas in the Mist, created by the L.A.-based artists Simon and Nikolai Haas.

This is an ideal spot for a cold and refreshing drink to perk you up after heavy-duty shopping, or just to relax in bliss.  Here are some smoothies, agua frescas, iced lattes and coffee drinks to enjoy:

Cold Drinks at Miami’s Le Pain Quotidien

Super Green Juice Smoothie

This energy boosting smoothie is freshly blended with Kale, Celery, Cucumber, Pineapple, Lemon, Apple, Ginger and Mint.

Watermelon Cooler Fresca


Light and fruity; this refreshing drink originates from Mexico, and is blended with fresh Watermelon, Water, a bit of Sugar, Lime Juice, and Ice.

Iced Matcha Latte


Exceptionally delicious: Matcha Green Tea and organic Whole Milk over ice.

Iced Belgian Mocha


Rich and strong; Belgian Cocoa and brewed organic Dark Roast Coffee (Peruvian Arabica) over ice. Also, served hot.

If you prefer hot java, linger over a Café Au Lait, Cappuccino or Latte made with organic dark roast coffee, and your choice of organic whole or non-fat milk as well as soy milk or organic almond milk.


Indulge in a baked pastry treat, or, for a complete meal, order one of Le Pain Quotidien’s signature Belgian open-faced sandwiches on organic whole wheat or sourdough, such as Avocado Toast, with your choice of an organic egg or smoked salmon.

Le Pain Quotidien Miami Details


19565 Biscayne Boulevard (Aventura Mall), Aventura –and, 3425 Main Highway, Coconut Grove

lepainquotidien.com , @lepainquotidienusa

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