What to Drink at Nikki Beach Resort and Spa Dubai

Even though it’s been unseasonably warm, it would still be nice to escape from the NYC winter with a staycation at Nikki Beach Resort & Spa that opened in December 2016 in the city’s Pearl Jumeira development. Boasting 117 rooms, 15 suites and 63 residences with sea and skyline views, Nikki Beach Resort & Spa in Dubai also features four pools, a  tennis court, state-of-the-art gym and the Nikki Spa.


If that’s not relaxing enough, there are also five restaurants and lounges where you can unwind after a day of serious shopping or sunbathe. With so much happening, you basically never even have to leave the luxe resort. Now, the drinks.

Where to Drink at Nikki Beach Resort and Spa

Beach Club

Nikki Beach Club Dubai

Go here to soak up the sun on one of sun beds or cabanas that offer waterfront views of the Arabian Gulf. They have an oversized leisure pool with a swim-up bar. Dri

Café Nikki

Cafe Nikki at Nikki Beach Dubai

The cafe serves a Saint Tropez brunch every Friday that features Cote d’Azur inspired beverages that can be consumed inside the restaurant or outside with the Arabian Gulf as the backdrop.

Nikki Privé

Privé provides live entertainment with food and beverage options under the 3-D ceiling. The long communal table turns into a catwalk and entertainment space with a bar and large outdoor terrace.

Key West

Key West at Nikki Beach Resort Dubai

This is a Florida-inspired restaurant with authentic ingredients grown locally, freshest fish and seafood. Key West opens early with an aperitive hour where you can sip on one of their rums or smoke a cigar all of which are Carribean and Latin American.

Soul Lounge

The lounge serves up a Bellini collection and Spritz cocktails with a live DJ spinning during the day and evening.

What to Drink

If you are under the impression that it is illegal to consume alcohol in the Middle East, it’s not. Dubai’s licensing laws require venues serving alcohol be attached to hotels or a private clubs. It is illegal to drink on the street or in a public space. The legal drinking age is 21 and it is an offense to buy alcohol from an off-licence without an alcohol license. You’ve been warned.

Luscious Old Fashioned

Luscious Old Fashioned at Nikki Beach Resort Dubai

Ingredients: Bourbon, Orange & Chocolate bitters, Maraschino Cherry Syrup.

Bubbly Negroni

Bubbly Negroni at Nikki Beach Resort Dubai

Ingredients: Gin, Campari, Vermouth, Bitter Lemon

Lavender Martini

Lavender Martini at Nikki Beach

Ingredients: Vanilla Vodka, Lavender Syrup, Fresh Grapefruit Juice


Paloma at Nikki Beach Resort

Ingredients: Tequila, Fresh Grapefruit & Lime Juice. Soda Water, Chili Salt, Tabasco

Pink Sangria

Pink Sangria at Nikki Beach Dubai

Ingredients: Rosé, Fresh Citrus Juice, rum, fruits.

Rose Piscine

Rose Piscine at Nikki Beach Dubai

Ingredients: Rosé over ice, soda water.

Nikki Beach Mojito

Nikki Beach Mojitos

Ingredients: Lemon rum, mint leaves, fresh lime juice, brown sugar

The mojitos are served at all Nikki Beach locations and have sold over 1 million mojitos around the world.

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa details

Pearl Jumeirah – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 2376 6000

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